Dan Lambert felt he was getting stale in AEW, told Tony Khan he did not want to overstay his welcome

Originally published at Dan Lambert felt he was getting stale in AEW, told Tony Khan he did not want to overstay his welcome

Dan Lambert has an open invitation to return to AEW.

Back in the summer of 2021, Dan Lambert alongside members of American Top Team arrived to AEW programming. Lambert formed a relationship with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page and became their on-screen manager. Lambert bringing Paige VanZant into the fold led to her being signed by the company.

Lambert was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet and said he’s not currently working with AEW. He thought it was a good time to wind down and told Tony Khan that he did not want to overstay his welcome. Dan felt the reactions he was getting were still good, but noticed things becoming stale.

Not now . About 2 months ago, we finished up our feud with the Men of the Year, we had Scorpio Sky drop the belt to Wardlow. Sky was going to take a couple of months off because he had a knee injury that needed to heal. Page was being repackaged so he could do what he is doing now with The Firm and with MJF. So I thought that it was a good time to wind down, I thought that I was getting stale. The reactions were still good, but I just grabbed Tony after the show and said that I think this has run its course. I don’t want to go backwards or overstay my welcome. He was like, ‘Yeah man, sure. If you have an idea for something in the future then come back, then sure, whatever, call me.’ If Tony called me tomorrow and had a good idea and I liked it then sure, I’ll do it.

Ethan Page is currently part of ‘The Firm’ which Stokely Hathaway and MJF are at the helm of. The group consists of Lee Moriarty, W. Morrissey along with Austin and Colten Gunn.

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He was stale long before he walked away. There’s a difference between “heel heat,” and being a piece of shit, his promos diminishing Taya were gross. He’s a bit too douchy to be on TV every week. I am good without him or his Proud Boys Team.

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Dan Lambert has been stale since he first appeared on AEW. He has terrible mic skills. He can’t act for the life of him he’s extremely out of place in a professional wrestling company especially when he knows absolutely nothing about wrestling. He needed to leave as soon as he was brought in. None of the promos and stuff he has cut were any good they were all extremely sloppy. I’d rather see him get the piss beaten out of him by Paul white or swerve in our glory. Give him a proper send off getting buried and destroyed and that’s the write off he gets. Not like he was doing anything for AEW anyways.