Danny Burch's separated shoulder injury confirmed, NXT Tag Titles vacated

Originally published at Danny Burch's separated shoulder injury confirmed, NXT Tag Titles vacated


William Regal’s announcement was that the NXT Tag Team Championships have been vacated and he will further address the situation on the 3/24 edition of NXT.

I can confirm this incredibly unfortunate news and make the difficult decision to vacate the #WWENXT Tag Team Titles. Furthermore, I will address the state of the titles further tomorrow night on @WWENXT. https://t.co/z3iQdC1Ruc

— William Regal (@RealKingRegal) March 23, 2021


One-half of the current NXT Tag Team Champions Danny Burch suffered a separated shoulder in the main event of the 3/17 episode of NXT, as confirmed by WWE’s Matt Camp.

Camp noted on social media that NXT on-screen GM William Regal is going to make announcement regarding Burch’s injury shortly.

As first reported on the #NXTInjuryReport, @strongstylebrit suffered a shoulder injury and I can now confirm, along with the following X-ray, that Danny suffered a separated shoulder. @RealKingRegal told me he will be providing an update shortly to the NXT Universe. pic.twitter.com/Sr9XVTt4Eo

— Matt Camp (@TheMattCamp) March 23, 2021

Burch and Oney Lorcan defended their titles in the main event of last week’s program against Karrion Kross and NXT Champion Finn Balor. There was a point during the match that Burch was removed and he was shown on-camera being checked out by a doctor at ringside.

Lorcan finished the match by himself and ended up pinning Finn Balor after Kross ambushed his partner.

Burch and Lorcan captured the NXT Tag Team Championships in October by defeating Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango). The two have been aligned with Pete Dunne and Pat McAfee as a part of their current run.

I bet there will be a tournament or a ladder match to determine the new champs.

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Need more ladder matches. Why do people get hurt so much in NXT? Feels like titles have to be vacated on a monthly basis

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I think that is more perception than reality. It stems from Cross getting hurt, then Finn getting hurt. I don’t recall a ton of injuries that caused the titles to be relinquished.

I’m not saying guys don’t get hurt, but the titles haven’t been overly effected.

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First time a title has been vacated this year.

I’ve noticed more titles getting vacated on the main roster than on NXT. Kross’ injury last year and the two-step process to crown a new champion was the most significant recently.

Last July the North American was vacated and last May you had the whole cruiserweight title thing with Devlin. Plus the stuff with Kross and Balor.

That’s the other thing with NXT. So many titles

Cruiserweight title was due to Covid lockdown not injury and the title wasn’t vacated. The North American Title was then not wanting 2 belts on Lee. Again not injury.

You cannot make an argument about guys vacating titles for injury and cite times titles were vacated for other reasons.

That is like complaining that Becky Lynch vacated her title for injury because she was pregnant.


Point scoring over injuries is pretty weird. Reminds me of when AEW fans were point scoring over covid cases. Is your tribalism really that uncontrollable?

Back to the story though, sucks for Burch and I hope he recovers quickly but I don’t know how much it affects the show as tag team wrestling hasn’t really felt that important in NXT recently. As for who become the new champions, I’m hoping it’s GYV rather than MSK.

Other than the dusty classic tag teams have been hurting in NXT for a long time. I think when the War (Viking) Raiders (Experience) were there was the last time things felt important on tag teams, then they got gutted by call ups and never really invested in creating more tag teams.

I’m just out on tag team wrestling in WWE/NXT generally - they have six sets of tag belts and zero teams that matter

Well 5 sets, but yeah none of them matter.

I added NXT UK just because it’s ridiculous a sub brand of developmental has three titles (including tag belts) on its own

Yeah I completely forgot UK even existed. I felt like they had a good tag division at one point (or at least the best in WWE) but I also never watch so who knows.

For NXT I always think tag teams are routinely the worst call ups. Because there is no hope the tag division on the main roster sucks and the belts mean nothing, but they routinely grab up tag teams from NXT.

It’s got to the point for me where I just FF any tag match on the main roster. None of it matters. The Street Profits/War Machine call ups were the final straw, loved both teams in NXT - they get called up and are playing basketball. Just sad

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Yup, and when those call ups happened it left NXT with basically no tag division and it still hasn’t really recovered. I mean let’s look at the tag teams called up
The Ascension- gone
AOP - gone
Revival- gone
Sanity - gone
Viking Raiders - gone?/injured?
Street Profits - had a tag championship run but feel so much worse than in NXT
Heavy Machinery - split up
Breezango - back in NXT
American Alpha - split up

At this point I just think WWE hates tag teams.

Enzo and Cass - incredible that they managed to mess them up

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I think Enzo and Cass personalities would have hurt their careers anyway. But WWE they certainly could have gotten more life out of them as a tag team than they did splitting them up so soon after going to the main roster.

I get that they were muppets, but jesus they were talents and they were over. Manage them properly. They’ve had bigger arseholes than them in the back over the years