Darby and Sammy are Advertised for a Meet and Greet in MO

Not sure how this could actually happen, but I’m sure that AEW management will have something to say about this

I mean I’m amazed the convention isn’t canceled but it is Missouri so who knows.

Aside from the obvious covid-19 concerns, isnt Sammy supposed to be suspended without pay?

Depending on his contract that wouldn’t prevent him from appearing elsewhere.

Oh, I thought it was an AEW sponsored appearance. Not sure how others see it, but the link is messed up on my screen.

He still my favorite

The picture he has for the appearance has a GCW background

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Ya, I just a bunch of code, specifically, this:

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Then the link just takes me to a page where it freezes.

Is Darby in trouble as well?

The allegations I’ve read concerning Darby all seem to be related to the fact that he was at one point in a very toxic relationship.

However, the dude has lived a pretty toxic life… so seems about right.

He’s married now, and hopefully in a better place.

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