Darby heel turn on Sting?

Watching the press conference, the camera peels away and Darby is still sitting at the table. One, why the fuck is this dude not at the hospital? The way Darby is being run down, with the camera angles, this guy is turning heel.

Seems pointless now. Sting isn’t wrestling anymore

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Nah. I don’t see any logic in it. Not that heel-turns are always logical. But this one would make no sense.

He’s also about to be gone for a few weeks doing the Mount Everest thing. He would have to turn heel on Dynamite this week and then disappear for weeks.

Better off just giving Darby some time off after the insane bumps he took last night. And bring him back fresh for a new opponent at Dynasty.

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They had like three years for Darby to turn on Sting, it ain’t happening.

I definitely think he should have. Not sure what Darby got out of the whole experiment. It was fine, but he developed zilch as a character during this whole time.

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If I was booking Sting’s finale, it would have been a loss to a heel (already turned) Darby Allin. But now that I’ve seen how it played out, I have no issue with them choosing to have essentially a “friendly” (with broken glass :rofl:) instead and letting Sting go out with a win.

But I do agree that Sting was there for four years and didn’t really get anyone over. They used him as a draw/spectacle instead, which is fine, but not the way I prefer to see older legends used - definitely more Undertaker booking than recent Cena.

You can’t build around Darby bc he’s crazy. He might die climbing Everest. He’s too crazy and eccentric to push reliably

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