DDT Goes Hollywood: Jun Akiyama teams with Eddie Kingston, Takeshita vs. Ueno

Originally published at DDT Goes Hollywood: Jun Akiyama teams with Eddie Kingston

DDT Goes Hollywood!

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ukrainian Cultural Center

Los Angeles California

Match Recommendations: 

Joey Janela vs. Tetsuya Endo
Eddie Kingston & Jun Akiyama vs. DAMNATION T.A (Daisuke Sasaki & KANON)
Konosuke Takeshita vs. Yuki Ueno

Tag Team Match: Chris Brookes & Yoshihiko vs. 37KAMIINA (MAO & Shunma Katsumata)

Brookes and Shunma started the match for their respective teams. Brookes hit Shunma on the head and got a quick arm wringer, but Shunma broke free and walked the ropes where he performed some acrobatics. Brookes crotched him on the top rope, and Shunma responded by taking Brookes off his feet with a snapping ‘rana followed by a dropkick in the corner. MAO made the tag, and so did Yoshihiko. MAO slowly approached and caught Yoshihiko in a fierce lock-up. Yoshihiko won a test of strength, but MAO was able to reverse it, and they began trading nearfalls. MAO tried to send Yoshihiko off the ropes, but Hiko held on and sent MAO to the floor with a dropkick. Yoshihiko attempted a dive, but MAO tripped him up and powerbombed him on the floor. MAO came off the apron with a vicious double stomp followed by a brainbuster back inside the ring, resulting in a close nearfall. Shunma tagged in and spiked Yoshihiko with a short piledriver, but Brookes was able to break up the pin attempt. 37KAMINA attempted to give Yoshihiko a vertical suplex, but he blocked it and spiked them with a DDT, and made the hot tag to Chris Brookes. Brookes locked both MAO and Shunma in a submission hold, but the move fell apart, and he made the tag to Yoshihiko, who launched Shunma off the top rope into a cutter from Chris Brookes. Shunma hit Yoshihiko with a combination of kicks, laying him out. MAO came in and attempted a German Suplex, but it was reversed a couple of times into an O’Connor roll for a very close nearfall. Yoshihiko sent everyone flying with a huge suplex and followed it up with a massive dive to the floor, taking out both members of 37KAMINA. Brookes hit a dive of his own and put Yoshihiko on his back. He climbed to the top rope and hit MAO with a senton, but MAO was able to kick out. MAO and Yoshihiko traded punches in the center of the ring. Brookes and Yoshihiko climbed to the top rope, but they were sent flying with a rana from MAO. MAO leveled Hiko with a kick, but Hiko kicked out at 1. MAO placed the doll on his shoulders, and Yoshihiko hit him with a German Suplex. Shunma broke up the pin with a splash. Finally, 37KAMINA put Yoshihiko away with a doomsday device for the victory.

37KAMINA Defeated Chris Brookes and Yoshihiko, MAO won the DDT Ironman HeavyMetal Champion

Chris Brookes Defeated MAO to win the DDT Ironman HeavyMetal Championship

Yoshihiko Defeated Chris Brookes to win the DDT Ironman HeavyMetal Championship

Tag Team Match: Pheromones (Danshoku Dino & Yuki Ino) vs. Takagi Army (Michael Nakazawa & Sanshiro Takagi)

Takagi and Ino started the match, but before they could engage, Ino took a moment to strike a pose for the crowd, spreading his legs. Ino quickly took Takagi down and attempted a sexy pin, but it proved ineffective. Dino and Nakazawa were next in the ring, trading wrist locks. Dino then put Nakazawa’s hand on his groin, causing Naka to quickly scurry to the ropes. In an attempt to one-up Dino, Ino tagged back in and unzipped his trunks to do his thing to Nakazawa. Nakazawa retaliated with a series of strikes followed by a spear.

Takagi was tagged back in and executed a dropkick and a leg lariat, leveling Ino. However, Dino jumped Takagi from behind, and the two rubbed their butts on his face. Takagi retaliated by hitting Dino with a stunner and then sent Nakazawa into Ino’s ass. Ino then took off his trunks, causing the match to be ruled a No Contest.

No Contest

Tag Team Match: Andrew Everett & Nick Wayne vs. Kazusada Higuchi & Takeshi Masada

Masada and Nick Wayne started the match with a wrist lock exchange, but neither man was able to gain an advantage as they wrestled to a stalemate. Masada avoided the lockup and landed a kick on Wayne, who quickly responded with a dropkick followed by a headscissors as they again wrestled to a stalemate. Kaz and Andrew then tagged in, and they traded chops in the center of the ring. Andrew was turned inside out with a vicious chop from Higuchi. Masada re-entered the match and struck Andrew in the chest and attempted to bodyslam him, but he couldn’t get Andrew up. Andrew connected with a headbutt followed by a springboard spin kick, which gave Nick Wayne the chance to tag back in. Wayne pinned Masada on the mat and started to work on his fingers and shoulder. Andrew made his way back in and picked up where Wayne left off on Masada.

Masada connected with a big dropkick, which allowed for the hot tag to Higuchi. Higuchi ran wild on Andrew with a big lariat and powerslam for a near fall. Andrew was able to knock Higuchi off of his feet with a moonsault press and made the tag to Nick Wayne. Nick connected with a couple of chops, but they didn’t have any effect on Higuchi, who leveled the teenager with a single chop. Masada tagged back in and planted Nick Wayne with a flatliner followed by a brainbuster, but Nick Wayne was able to get his shoulder up. Wayne and Masada traded kicks in the center of the ring. Wayne went for the cloutcutter, but Masada blocked it and kicked Wayne in the head.

They both made tags with their partners, who traded forearms and strikes in the center of the ring. Kaz took Andrew out with a big lariat, but Andrew was still able to kick out. Higuchi climbed to the top rope, and Andrew followed him up there, attempting to chokeslam him off, but he wasn’t able to. Higuchi leveled Andrew with a pounce, while Wayne and Masada battled on the floor. Higuchi applied the claw to Andrew and slammed him for the victory.

Takeshi Masada & Kazusada Higuchi Defeated Andrew Everett & Nick Wayne

Singles Match: Saki Akai vs. Vert Vixen

They locked up briefly before exchanging big forearms in the center of the ring. Vert gained the upper hand with a flurry of forearms, but Akai countered with a big boot that sent Vert to the mat. Vert responded by sweeping Akai’s legs and executing a shortfall flatliner, which nearly resulted in a pinfall. However, Akai blocked Vert’s attempt at a vertical suplex and instead delivered one of her own, followed by a penalty kick on the apron. Akai then climbed to the top rope and hit Vert with a big crossbody, but only managed a nearfall. Vert retaliated with a stunner and a blue thunder bomb, which also resulted in a nearfall. Akai locked Vert in a head and arm choke, but Vert managed to reach the ropes to break the hold. Despite this, Akai continued her assault and leveled Vert with the Quetzalcoatl, ultimately securing the victory.

Saki Akai Defeated Vert Vixen

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Tetsuya Endo

They began with a wrist lock exchange, and after a few holds, they found themselves at a stalemate. They engaged in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, which Endo quickly won. Joey broke the hold and exchanged a series of chops with Endo in the center of the ring, taking Janela off his feet at the end. Joey tricked Endo with a handshake and struck him with a neckbreaker. Joey gloated, but Endo caught him with a dropkick, sending him to the floor. Endo attempted a tope, but Joey stopped him and hung him up on the ropes with a neckbreaker. Joey hit Endo with a brainbuster on the hardwood floor and rolled him back into the ring for a nearfall. Endo managed to land a couple of shots to Joey’s stomach, but Joey quickly caught Endo in a sleeper hold. Endo broke free and tried a moonsault, but Joey got his knees up and hit him with another neckbreaker. Joey charged, but Endo hit him with a springboard dropkick. Endo wiped Joey out with a Sasuke Special for another close nearfall. Joey spiked Endo with a package piledriver, but Endo broke the pin by grabbing the rope. Joey climbed the top rope, and Endo followed him up, hitting Joey with a one-man Spanish fly. Joey kicked out, and they traded blows on the top rope. Joey hit Endo with a series of elbows and an avalanche brainbuster for another nearfall. They exchanged German suplexes, with Endo spiking Joey with a Poisonrana. Joey popped back up and leveled Endo with a lariat, but Endo hit Joey with a Pele kick followed by a popup backbreaker. Joey crawled onto the ring apron and tried to hit Endo with a DVD, but Endo reversed it with a Destroyer followed by a Torture Rack bomb. Joey kicked out again. Endo climbed to the top rope and hit the Burning Star Press for the win.

Tetsuya Endo Defeated Joey Janela 

Tag Team Match: Eddie Kingston & Jun Akiyama vs. DAMNATION T.A (Daisuke Sasaki & KANON)

Eddie and Sasaki started the match with some grappling, but Kingston quickly gained the upper hand by picking Sasaki’s leg and locking in a front face lock into a stiff headlock. Eddie then took Sasaki off his feet with a shoulder tackle, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. KANON and Eddie traded strikes in the center of the ring before Eddie kneed KANON in the stomach and tagged in Akiyama. Eddie and Jun combined to take Sasaki off his feet with a shoulder tackle, but Sasaki soon turned the tables and sent Jun to the floor, where he spiked him with a DDT. Jun was unable to get back on his feet, allowing Sasaki to attack him with a wrench. Sasaki continued to kick Jun, but Jun no-sold the attacks and responded by slapping Sasaki across the face. Sasaki retaliated by gouging Jun’s eyes, then came off the top rope with an elbow drop, only for Jun to dodge and tag in Eddie.

Eddie then went on a rampage against Sasaki, hitting him with a series of chops and a back suplex. However, KANON quickly intervened and leveled Eddie with a beautiful dropkick followed by a rock bottom. Eddie managed to tag in Jun, who kicked KANON in the face but was quickly ambushed from behind by Sasaki. Despite the setback, Jun quickly recovered and together with Eddie, hit a series of stereo exploder suplexes on KANON and Sasaki to secure the victory.

Jun Akiyama and Eddie Kingston Defeated DAMINATION T.A. 

Singles Match: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Yuki Ueno

They started off hot with a series of fast-paced evasions, culminating in them throwing dropkicks at the same time much to the crowd’s delight. Takeshita hit Yuki with a couple of chops before Yuki responded with a slap to Takeshita’s face. They exchanged forearms in the center of the ring with Takeshita continually landing significant strikes due to his size and strength advantage. Every time Yuki strung together some offense, Takeshita would swat him away and ground him with his smothering size and vicious strikes. Takeshita started to target Yuki’s neck with a series of neck breakers. Takeshita went for a fourth, but Yuki muscled out of it and connected with a forearm strike to Takeshita’s jaw.

Yuki sent Takeshita to the floor with a dropkick and took him out with a tornillo. Yuki placed Takeshita in the corner and dropped double knees on Takeshita’s chest for a close near fall. Yuki fired up and hit Takeshita with a beautiful half-and-half suplex. He locked in a front face lock and attempted the WR, but Takeshita fought out of it and took Yuki off of his feet with a big lariat. Takeshita was spiked with a Poisonrana followed by a destroyer for a close near fall. Takeshtia fired up and hit Yuki with a Blue Thunderbomb for another near fall.

Yuki bailed to the floor, allowing Takeshita to take him out with a flip dive. Takeshita climbed to the top rope, and Yuki met him up there. They battled on the top, with Yuki eventually sending Takeshita flying with a ‘rana, but he again kicked out at 2. They exchanged forearms in the center of the ring. Takeshtia caught Yuki with two stiff lariats, but Yuki kicked out at 1 and leveled Takeshita with a dropkick. Takeshita wiped him out with the jumping knee.

Yuki hit the WR, but Takeshita kicked out at the last second. Yuki hit Takeshita with another standing dropkick, but Takeshita fired up and hit him with a suplex followed by another knee strike to secure the victory.

Konosuke Takeshita Defeated Yuki Ueno

I ultimately stayed up to watch this show after watching Bloodsport 9 earlier in the night. Glad I did, as I thought this was a fun show! I agree on Jon’s match recommendations, but I also thought Higuchi & Masada vs. Wayne & Everett was fun, and I was thoroughly sports-entertained by the opener. It made me laugh throughout.

Less so the Pheromones match. Too much butt stuff for me, but I and presumably others have seen much worse recently with that GIF floating around from that recently revived hardcore promotion that I will now refuse to mention.