Dill Pickle chips vs. Salt & Vinegar chips

On the latest edition of the Double Shot, Wai mentions that he loves dill pickle chips but can not stand salt & vinegar chips. He says if you like salt & vinegar, “something is wrong with you”. Well Wai, something is wrong with me. Salt & vinegar is my favorite kind of chip, it totally blows dill pickle away. I’m so fired up that I wish I could cut a 30 second promo on destroying your dill pickle loving ass in the ring at MSG (but I won’t be in NYC). So lets do this, a poll to decide the superior chip, dill pickle or salt & vinegar.

  • Dill Pickle
  • Salt & Vinegar

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Dill pickle crisps? You disgust me.


I’d go for honey BBQ chips over both of those flavors.


Forget the New Japan Cup bracket, we need a potato chip flavor bracket.


All Dressed, Ketchup, Sour Cream and Dill Pickle

Hard for me to decide my goto but if I was stuck on an island and could only have one…probably All Dressed.

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Miss Vickies Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar is amazing.


Wai is completely off-base. I like All Dressed. Its like the man of 1004 holds. Pleases everyone.

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Could get real deep in the waters with this, but it ultimately comes down to the brand.

When we’re talking a Lays produced premium chip, dill pickle is the way to go as the flavours are more refined.

However, when you’re getting into house brands like True Value, Presidents Choice, or even an Uncle Rays, you’re much better off getting blasted with a heavy dose of Salt and Vinegar.


The outcome of this poll is no surprise to me. The people have spoken.


Can I just have plain Ruffles?

Dill pickles is gross.

This was so much better than the Brexit vote.