DISCUSSION: Was All Elite Wrestling ROH's fault?


I was listening to Chris Jericho’s podcast today where he interviewed Bully Ray. It got me thinking, is AEW all ROH’s fault? Many of the performers were contracted to ROH, NJPW, or other companies so contractually, All In shouldn’t have even happened. If ROH hadn’t allowed All In to happen, would we have AEW today?



If you listen to busted open bully makes it sound like roh is the be all end all of professional wrestling. AEW is what it is because of the bucks, kenny, and the rest of the elite. I think the reason the garden sold out so quickly is because everyone thought they’d still be w njpw and roh.



After watching G1 Supercard, I wouldn’t be surprised if ROH doesn’t sell out MSG again, if there will be another date.



I think alot of these companies could sell out bigger arenas roh would look alot better half the time if they didn’t run such smaller venues.



I think your drastically overestimating the audience outside of WWE and the Elite. Just look at New Japans abysmal ticket sales for the first night of the G1 in Dallas. The hardcore fans will travel once or twice a year to Vegas, New York or California for a big non-WWE show. But not outside of that.

RoH is smart to stay in the venues it’s in. The feel of seeing incredible wrestling up close in small venues is what a lot of fans go to RoH or NXT house shows for.



The G1 Dallas show is interesting and puzzling to me because they have such a loaded roster that will be in that tournament. Did they get a sweetheart deal to rent the arena from Cuban (AXS TV)? Otherwise what an odd place to try. If they were coming back to New York City they’d pack any arena here, especially after this past Saturday. If they were running MSG I’d bet every person at the Garden who lives in the area would have bought a ticket before leaving that night.



It’s not puzzling

You have to remember MSG sold out bc of the elite. Everyone thought they would be there. Without them it doesn’t sell out. Hence the G1



Looking at it from the outside. I think that ROH kinda created they own competition when they agree to help cody and the bucks for all in. They couldn’t forsee that they’re help would transform into AEW but that what happened kinda like how TNA is kinda responsible for the growth of ROH in the early 2000.

Now ROH is in direct competition with the new upstart that is AEW and they need to keep their partnership with new japan because looking at the current talent pool, it’s not with those talents that they will win against the elite and AEW.



No good deed goes unpunished



All In seemed to be the proof needed behind the theory that there is room for a different vision of professional wrestling on a big level in North America.

AEW is going to be a lot bigger than ROH because they are going to invest a lot more money in to their product. I have a strong feeling if AEW was running a show in Toronto I’d hear about it without having to look very hard, which isn’t exactly the case with War of the Worlds. If AEW is willing to actually advertise their product, while ROH is doing short-sighted planning and execution (like accepting money to promote what would become their competition), then it’s pretty clear to me which company deserves success.

ROH was kind of screwed here; either accept money to help Cody/Bucks/Kenny do wrestling better than them or watch them do it anyways without your help, and forfeit the money you would have got. I’d also like to point out the success of All In really highlights ROH’s failure to capitalize on a potential alternative-mainstream wrestling market. ROH had theoretical access to all of the people who competed on All In but was unwilling to get behind any of them in a meaningful way. So off they went to find someone who would.

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I suppose to puzzling part is why dallas?



I agree, Dallas is not really a destination and tourist city.

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It was also Wrestlemania weekend. A lot of fans had already shelled out (or planned to shell out) the expenses to be in the NYC area.

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Yup Dallas sucks compared to Vega or New York



Saying its “ROH’s fault” is a weird way of putting it but All In was a huge part of AEW happening and All In wouldn’t have happened without the help of ROH.

Also, I think Dallas ticket sales are a reflection of oversaturarion as a whole. People can only travel to so many shows a year. You have to pass on some of them and the Dallas show seems more like a victim of time and place.

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I dont agree - look at double or nothing. if you announced that the elite was suddenly at the Dallas show it would be gone by the morning.

Elite > ROH > NJPW in terms of NA appeal



RoH was put in a “damned if you do / damned if you don’t” position with All In. RoH either lets their top guys run their own show increasing the likelihood that they would leave or act as a roadblock, pissing off their top guys and guaranteeing they leave and also looking like the bad guys.

RoH’s only option really was to let All In happen and just use it to also get some of their other guys and gals some attention. Which is the same stance NJPW seemed to take allowing Okada and their roster on the card.



No question the AEW shows are more popular right now but that goes to what I’m saying about time and place. I think Dallas does way better if it’s not a week after Gainesville and sandwiched between Double or Nothing and All In Two.

Mania weekend, Jericruise… there’s a just LOT of wrestling right now.



I would say fuck you Dallas doesnt suck but, but then again I have lived in this area for all but my time in the Army, and i cant think of a lot of stuff to do here. I am sure there is tourist stuff to do other then going to see where JFK was shot, but I would be hard pressed to tell you what. To be honest everything is spread to far apart, and most people I know avoid downtown if they can.

I for one was excited for NJPW coming ot Dallas but again thats cause I am in the area.



Well, people can always go to Southfork after G1. That’s what Pollock did after covering UFC at the American Airlines Center. Would be a perfect transition.