Do you still plan on watching the Rumble this weekend ?

I can’t lie – I’m a little bit torn and have thought a lot about Vince McMahons allegations and the various enablers. To me one of the most disturbing things that article is a sham investigation, and likely all the people that knew who turned a blind eye to this, and just let it go on with a laugh.

At the bottom of that list of enabler’s, I think has to be the audience. We still cheer this man, we treat him like a God, and we continue to come back and support him, despite whatever comes out. If he came out at the royal rumble I’m pretty sure he would get cheered as well. Same with Brock.

We continue to provide money for him and raised him to a point where he believes he is God and can treat people however, he wants.

I realize he’s not directly involved right now, but he is still part of the company and this is a company that knew about what he did. Although I’m not saying I’m writing them off forever I just don’t feel in the mood right now to watch and support their product so despite this likely be a good show I’m going to go and skip it.

I will also say for all the flack people give AEW remember that the only allegation against Jericho was a :heart: on a questionable reporters rant and the fans booed him. It does tell you a little bit about the difference between the two audiences. I think I’d rather be a part of that audience, then the one that cheers Vince McMahon.

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I was already unable to watch until probably Monday or Tuesday. I have a feeling that by then, I’ll hear some info about the event and/or the McMahon allegations that will make the decision for me (to cite but one example, if Brock makes an appearance, I’m out.).

I was already gonna miss it as I’m gonna be on a skiing trip over the weekend, but it would really depend on what will take place over time. And I agree with @RocketKing, if Brock shows up, that’s already a red flag.

I am actually out in Revelstoke skiing right now! Where are you going?

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Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin. Great area.

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I have some friends coming over, has been planned for weeks. Now we will probably be making uncomfortable jokes about Vince for four hours lol

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Of course I will watch. Just because the guy and others are scumbags, doesnt affect my enjoyment of the show.

Its like Michael Jackson. He may have done some creepy shit for all we know, but I still love his music.


Torn on it, it’s my favourite show of the year. Given the time difference it would be viewed on catch-up anyway. I may end up using nefarious purposes if I do…

Hell yeah. Because Vince is a disgusting piece of filth (which we already knew) I shouldn’t watch and support someone like Bayley?? I understand the idea of conspicuous consumption and only wanting to support organizations you morally align with, but for me that would mean no more Twitter, no more Microsoft Windows, no more Blizzard video games, etc. and that just don’t work for me brother.


Some of the answers here are why it’s so difficult to believe any of this will ever change.

This is so far beyond Vince. Numerous people at the top of the company are alleged to have been involved in human trafficking. This is an institutional problem.


Yes this is the issue.

Let me clear I judge no one. There are tons of organizations I follow and support who I’m sure do shady things.

To me though this is like Hockey Canada and their scandal. Instil everyone (the CEO down to anyone who has anything to do with covering it up) were gone it was impossible to move on.

I know Vince is scum but this goes beyond that. This girl was trafficked to possibly Brock. They ran a sham investigation and didn’t even talk to her. There are clearly people who viewed all the explicit pics and messages and did nothing.

I’m not saying I will never watch WWE. But right here and now I have to say - for me I can’t tune in Saturday and enjoy a show.

And all apologies to Bayley and every other innocent that works there. But the company itself isn’t clean


I was planning on watching live, but now I’m not going to go out of my way to. I’ll probably end up watching it on Monday as background noise during my work day.

For information’s sake I haven’t watched any WWE since night one of Wrestlemania in 2022 when Steve Austin returned. I did plan on watching the Rumble with a couple of friends but we’re backing out because this story is just too fresh and too gross. There are way too many layers of gross here.

It’s an easy call for me to make because I’m not really into it anyways. I understand why it might be more difficult for others. If a similar story were taking place in AEW it would be a much harder call to make, because I love AEW’s product. I still think I’d be backing out, though.


I was considering watching but now, no way

Ill be watching. I was once listening to a Podcast and someone made a comment where the point stuck with me. It was along the lines of “Show me a moral Billionaire and Ill show you a Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow”.

The majority of content we all consume, the clothes we wear, the food we buy, pretty much every company out there has people involved that are immoral people, especially on top. Its shitty, its awful, and this is by no means justifying it, but its sadly the reality of that world we live in, especially in cooperate America where to make the level of money to become a billionaire, 99% of the time you’re doing something really shitty and corporate America is run by these shitty people.

I’m not going to miss out on things that I enjoy because someone or even multiple people who work(ed) for a company are shitty people. And, I don’t want to take away from all the hard working people who work for the company that have NOTHING to do with anything (ie. the Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn’s, Baileys, etc. of the world). Now if someone else does want to shy away from watching because of all of this, that’s up to you, I don’t judge and I do get it, and I get it even more if you are a person who has personally dealt with something similar to this.

I think this sort of thing is sadly a lot more common then a lot of people realize. Billionaires throwing parties with Drugs and Alcohol, offering Women up to “close” a deal…its gross, its immoral and I sadly think this happens all the time. Look no further to Epstein Island and the hundreds of celebrities that attended. Harvey Weinstien…everyone in Hollywood knew about it as it was common knowledge, hell 30 Rock had numerous jokes about him assaulting woman before anything came out about it. I highly doubt that these are the only cases out there. I think its rampant in Corporate America and more specifically the Entertainment business.

I hope Vince is finally completely removed from WWE, and I hope that anyone else involved is also removed. However, I’m not going to pay the “gotcha” game that others are trying to play by saying who is or isnt involved before definitive information comes out (and no, reporters saying its the tip of the iceberg or that certain people COULD be involved is not proof), because the reality is that its all speculation outside of Vince and John L (at least as of the last time I read a news update). As proof comes out, my opinion will change, that’s how opinion should work. If your mind is made up (either way) regardless of the facts, thats just bias.

Its definitely going to take a lot of the excitement out of the weekend, but I don’t think the performers should suffer. Obviously the women are the main victims here, but I also feel bad for all the good people that are in WWE that have the stink of this on them now who had nothing to do with anything.

In fairness, with what came out this week if Vince showed up at the Rumble this weekend I highly doubt he would be cheered. A year and a half ago, the general consensus from the average WWE fan was that Vince slept with a few employees and paid them off to be quiet using company funds (not saying this was reality, but what the average fan thought). This week the narrative that is out there is that he is a full on rapist and sex trafficker, I have a hard time thinking he would be cheered unless people don’t believe it which I don’t think many people do. (though Im not on Twitter so who knows).

Honestly I don’t know. I hope you are right.

It was posted on 6buzz in IG and the comments are disgusting. Lots of people still think he did nothing wrong

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Well the Rumble is a show that is mostly hardcores, Hogan was boo’d in Tampa at Mania by this audience and what he did was nothing compared to Vince (not defending Hogan). If we are talking a random town in the bible belt, maybe its a different story.

I really hope they wouldn’t.

I havent been reading anything outside of this board and some of the links posted here. In IG, are some people thinking he did what he did and its ok? Or do they not believe the accusations?

They think the girl was kinky. It’s truly stupid.

There are very vocal people across social media who will always “Stand Up for Vince / WWE”. It’s disgusting.

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