Does anybody here do sports betting? Any advice for beginners like me?

Always been intrigued with the process and just signed up to FanDuel and BetMGM. I follow the NHL and English Premier League very closely and plan on focusing on those two, but also might consider adding MMA to that list later on. I have played fantasy hockey for a few years and figured player props might be the way to go early on.

Any advice for a young newbie like me?

Save your money. Don’t do it.

And if you do. Treat it like a PPV. I’m going to watch X game, how much would I pay to watch it for entertainment. Assume you’ll lose every bet, and that’s the entertainment value of betting.

But yeah, don’t do it.




Yeah if you’re not into betting it’s not something you wanna get into. But if you do just bet low amounts for fun.

I bet on football and make pretty good profit but it gives me about ÂŁ10 every 3 months. I do it for fun but not to make money.

Bet simple things like winner, goal scorer. Not the 10mins with most goals or a 30 team accumulator. Just keep it simple and bet on what you’re watching for fun.

Saving your money is best though

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Use pages like oddsportal to see how bets have shifted in the last weeks and bet with and not against the market. What makes you smarter than the players with the big stacks? Ever heard of surebetting? Great to make a quick 1000 bucks but afterwards you will be banned from most betting sites.

Good luck


Gerrit is 100% correct. The only true path to making money in sportsbetting is to find an edge by comparing odds between sites and taking advantage of off-market lines. This takes quite a bit of patience but comes with the advantage of not needing to have any knowledge of the sports or events you’re betting on, as the only thing that matters is the odds themselves. Gerrit is also right that this will lead to a swift ban from most sportsbooks, as they are well aware this is the only way to “beat” the system.

You used to be able to make a ton of money doing this up to a few years ago betting OLG ProLine/Sport Select here in Ontario, as they would never update their lines throughout the day, and you didn’t have an account so couldn’t really get banned. Nowadays everything has an online account-based model and it’s nigh impossible to eke out edges long-term without getting banned.


Jake, DM me if you want - I don’t gamble but I do work in the industry.


all very valuable sites for comparing odds. I use Vegasinsider for NBA/NHL previews because it features the major legal North American sportsbooks. It also gives you stats like records against the spread and stuff.

For betting insight:

Do the work. Do the statistical analysis necessary because it pays off in the end.