Does anybody here listen to Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM? Thoughts as of late?

I know that this at times is a very polarizing show to listen to but I normally am amused by analysis and perspectives of anyone involved in this. Dave LaGreca is always a funny highlight, even though he can be too cringe to listen to at times and Bully Ray brings in the heat which I do appreciate. I disagree with him a lot but I prefer to have different point of views. I do like listening to Tommy Dreamer and Mickie James host on Wednesdays and my girl Denise Salcedo on Saturdays so they have a variety of personalities helming the show. Mark Henry is okay but I don’t think he brings that much to be honest. Same with Thunder Rosa, she makes topics revolve around her and I don’t think she makes much effort.

But I like to know what are y’alls thoughts.

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I was really into the show like a decade or longer ago. Maybe even longer. Reby (now Matt’s wife) was one of the hosts, and it was only on maybe once or twice a week. Dave was one of the hosts. And there was one other whom I forget.

At the time I really enjoyed it. But I haven’t really gone back to it as of late.

Happy to see they’ve had a ton of success.

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