Dolph and Bobby = SEX

Bout time we get the sexy back in championship wrestling.
Girls get wet.
Guys that go that way get hard
And we have great wrestlers who get to work together to entertain us all.
It’s a Win!
Your thoughts?

Sports Entertainment Xtreme?


Roode would be better off going back to NXT and reigniting his singles career and i hate singles wrestlers suddenly being paired together as a tag team and dominating the division over the real ones.

Too old to go back.
Dominant Tag Team guy in TNA.
I hear you though.
WWE needs to make up tag teams because their tag division smells, smells real bad

They just need to give them a Team Name and Theme Music (Which aren’t mash ups) along with matching gear, then it should work

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It’s not worse than New Japan.

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I wish roode would go back to elbow pads. He looked better with them.

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This could end up being a good team for both men. They aren’t going anywhere as singles stars. Gimmick wise there are similarities to early DX with cocky Shawn and blue blood Hunter.

They can take the place of the Bar as that reliable tag team that’s entertaining in short doses, could be used as either a face or heel team and always reliable for a solid 5-15 minute tag match.

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Meh… they’ll probably break them up, resulting in a lower card push for face Zigler again.