DOUBLE SHOT 8/29/18: BTE "Go Home Episode”, Ten Pounds of Gold & Lucha Underground

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John Pollock and Wai Ting bring you the DOUBLE SHOT:

  • Wai reviews the final edition of Being the Elite (Ep. 117) prior to “All In” this weekend with promos from Marty Scurll & Cody, an appearance by Theo Rossi, Christopher Daniels confronts Stephen Amell, and Black Machismo resurfaces.
  • A discussion on the NWA’s Ten Pounds of Gold series to promote the NWA title match between Nick Aldis and Cody for this Saturday at “All In” with a look at Aldis’ performances, the difference in style from Being the Elite and the build-up of this one match on the series.
  • Finally, John reviews the Aug. 23rd episode of Lucha Underground that featured a Haunted House match between Mil Muertes and The Mack, the hospitalization of Melissa Santos, the wedding date for Johnny Mundo & Taya, the Last Man or Machine Standing match between Pentagon Jr. and Cage, and another murder!
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I’m with John, you should probably close All In with Cody winning the NWA title. The 6 man is big but doesn’t feel like it should close the show.

@wai0937 thank you so much for doing the Ten Pounds of Gold review. It was truly great story telling and the videos have been beyond good. I am in total agreement that the contrast with BTE and this new way of getting stories across in wrestling is awesome. It’s been critically under reported on how well these have been and I do hope more people can see them.

Agree the NWA title match should close the show. It’s the best go off the air moment with a celebration in crowning Cody at his show. Winning his fathers belt can be conveyed by the announce team and it would be a great showcase for Aldis. If they close with the Bucks match, it does have Rey, but what’s the big ending? Rey losing? The Bucks losing on their own show? Kenny and Pentagon will tear the house down but it’s also a non title match. Per wrestling tradition the big title match should go on last.

I know they have called the Kenny and Bucks match the semi-mains, but could the ROH title go last if a marquee surprise entrant wins the battle royal? Pure fantasy booking but if Punk is coming back to wrestling - winning on free TV to set up a ROH title match is a hell of a return and way to drive PPV sales. I’m getting carried away here but if that played out, All In is doing 350k plus buys.

The Cody-Aldis match feels the most prestigious, but I don’t expect it to follow either Kenny/Penta or the 6-man in terms of in-ring quality. I think if you’re banking on a combination of having one of either The Bucks or Cody in the main event and show-topping in-ring action, I think the 6-man makes the most sense.

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“Who controls the doll?”
“Evil. No wrestler, just the concept.”

Guys, I’ve just got home from vacation in Scandanavia for the past month and have been doing my level best to keep up with G1 and All In, but coffee-spit bits like this are why I’ll always keep tuning in.