DOUBLE SHOT 9/19/18: CMLL's 85th Anniversary, Mick Foley's WWE Network Special

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John Pollock and Wai Ting bring you the DOUBLE SHOT:

  • John reviews this past Friday’s CMLL 85th Anniversary card, headlined by Rush & Barbaro Cavernario vs. Volador Jr. & Matt Taven in a Double Hair vs. Hair match 
  • John & Wai chat about Mick Foley’s "20 Years of Hell" WWE Network special on the 20-year anniversary of the Hell in a Cell match from King of the Ring ‘98, along with the WWE’s feature on the match with comments from The Undertaker 
  • Wai reviews the latest Ten Pounds of Gold episode focusing on Nick Aldis vs. Doug Williams from Wrestling MediaCon and the forthcoming rematch between Aldis and Cody
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I haven’t seen the video of Mick Foley’s special, but I did see him live last night in Riverview, New Brunswick. Show was pretty entertaining. They had advertised a special guest that I assumed would just be Mr. Socko, but they had an actual guest in Robert Maillet.

I wouldn’t mind if you guys put the show out on a Thursday? Mainly for selfish reasons cos Thursday is a quiet podcast day for me.
But really whatever suits ye guys. Ye do ridiculous hours of content!

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Honestly for me, it does not really matter when you put stuff out. If I want to listen to I am going to no matter what day it is. I still have G1 reviews saved for when I finally get around to watching the last two days of that. So as far as I am concerned just do whatever is convenient for you.

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I’ll listen whenever you guys put it out. Whatever works best for you guys.

If one doesn’t listen to Brayden & Davie, it’s a long wait between Tuesday and Friday. Or Friday to Monday. And if you put it out on the weekend, it would give you time to review the mixed match challenge, which the network puts out on Thursdays.

I like listening on Wednesday the way it is now

Doesn’t bother me which day the podcast lands, I normally listen to the Post shows the day they come out but I always have a Jericho, Austin or E&C podcast to go back to on off days.

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