DOUBLE SHOT: WWE Raw 6/17/2002, BTE, Total Bellas, 3.5 Degrees

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John Pollock and Wai Ting bring you the DOUBLE SHOT:

    • John Pollock reviews WWE Raw from June 17, 2002, leading into the King of the Ring, which we will review on Friday’s Rewind-A-Wai. This show dealt with the fallout of Steve Austin walking out on the company the previous week and the return of The Rock.
    • Wai Ting reviews the return of Total Bellas from this past Sunday with the ongoing drama of Nikki Bella and ARTEM!
    • A review of Being the Elite Episode 138 “Alpha and Omega” covering AEW’s press conference in Las Vegas, the announcement of the rematch between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, and the crew attends the Super Bowl.
    • Plus, John & Wai recap Stephanie McMahon’s recent interview on Facebook’s 3.5 Degrees podcast discussing her ascension in the company.

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For those interested, this is the episode of Confidential we spoke about on the show:

I’m 57 minutes in and it’s funny that you start with the story of WCW teasing Vince would show up to a PPV in 98 and here we are in 2002 WWE teases an Austin apperance

Edit: and the tease was The Rock returning. There’s why one company went out of business and the other signed multi billion dollar TV deals