Dungeon Wrestling PPV Partner

Just an FYI the Dungeon Wrestling show on Friday will be broadcast on HNLive.ca if anyone is interested in the card. It includes Chris Masters defending the Stu Hart Championship against Steve Macklin.

Here is the media release if anyone is curious to check it out!


Please see the media release attached on Dungeon Wrestling’s event Unfinished Business II on Friday from the historic Victoria Pavillion in Calgary. It will be broadcast on PPV on HNLive.ca this Friday night.

If you are also interested in being a large or small sponsor on the PPV itself I’ve included our PPV sales sponsorship package as an opportunity to promote your brand to the passionate traditional wrestling audience that follows Dungeon wrestling.

Thanks for your time!


Dungeon Wrestling and HNLive are coming together to bring the exciting tradition of Calgary wrestling to Pay Per View on March 29th with Unfinished Business II. Fans can either attend the event at the historic Victoria Pavilion in Calgary or purchase the multi-cam live broadcast on HNLive.ca for only $11.99.

Described as a “throwback to the Stampede Wrestling days” by Canadian legend Bret “Hitman” Hart; Dungeon Wrestling is operated by members of the Hart family as a way to honour the tradition of the sport, while also showcasing some of today’s best athletes.

“We are very excited to again partner with HNLive to offer a professional quality broadcast of Unfinished Business II to wrestling fans around the world,” said Dungeon Wrestling Co-Owner Dallas Hart. “There is a hunger for a product that honours the tradition of wrestling and we are thrilled to make it widely available.”

The main event for Unfinished Business II sees former WWE superstar Chris Masters defend his prestigious Stu Hart Championship against former TNA Wrestling World Champion Steve Maclin.

“I take it everywhere” Masters told HNLive Today. “It’s prestigious. The Hart Family are royalty.”

The broadcast will be anchored by the voice of Dungeon Wrestling Mike McGuire of the McGuire on Wrestling podcast.

HNLive is a professional streaming platform providing high-quality broadcasts of major sporting events from international hockey to MMA events since 2018.

Tickets to attend Unfinished Business II are available at dungeonwrestling.ca.

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Great to see these guys running the old Pavilion and adding another chapter to Calgary’s wrestling history. I’ve seen a few shows there and, while it had minimal amenities that had been dated since the early 90s, there was always something different about seeing a live wrestling show in that building.

Beyond happy to see the local professional wrestling scene and wrestling’s popularity (in general) growing, as wrestling’s popularity locally had been on a continual decline when I moved away.

Nothing but the best to the family of the best. :heart: :sparkling_heart: :black_heart:

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