Early voting

Friends in the US. Please vote and don’t be fooled by “fake ballot boxes,” intimidating “ballot watchers,” the post office trying to destroy itself, or any other number of sketchy things happening in your area.


Here in New Jersey, every registered voter would have received a mail-in ballot sent out in late September, which can be either mailed in, dropped off at a secure drop box, or taken with you to the polls on Election Day. I received my ballot over two weeks ago and dropped it off the following morning, with the drop box being at the place I always go to for big elections.


Hell yeah boy!

What’s this all about?

Disgusting attempts at voter suppression.

Texas early voting period started last Monday. I voted early in person last week and had no line. But I’m fortunate enough to live in a suburb. Whereas larger cities have had their number of polling places reduced creating stories of very long lines.

All of these attempts were probably not necessary anyway. Texas is a solidly red state and if more people were given the ability to easily vote I think it would actually help the GOP. But they are too blind and scared to even realize it.

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Early voting has been underway for over 2 weeks in California. I already voted and used our online tracking system to confirm my vote has been received and counted.

In San Francisco, we sent VBM (vote by mail) ballots to every registered voter and have several drop off points in the city, as well as a huge Voting Center set up in huge tents outside of city hall where you can register and vote same day (where I’m working right now). We are so well staffed there that there is no wait time. Also, On Nov 3rd you can show up to your normal precinct and register and vote same day. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but we’re trying to make it as easy for as many people to vote as possible.

In an ideal world, every citizen should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18. Voting day should be a national holiday and vote-by-mail should be available to any registered voter in any state.

Good luck to all of you in the voter suppression states. Do everything you can to make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted.

Why can’t I vote by internet? I submit my taxes by internet


So much easier to file taxes on the internet. It’s a much different problem. Watch this:

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Without watching the above video, I can only imagine the incredible potential for outside forces causing issues. Beyond the accessibility to internet being an issue for many, I’d say that the chances out interference and hacking is still a major issue.

Imagine all the issues with Russian meddling and state sponsored hacking, targeting an online election?

I think all software is in some ways easy to manipulate. All votes need to be manually counted too.

Voted for Biden weeks ago. Did my part.