Eddie Kingston speaks about his AEW theme being inspired by DMX, MJF being protected

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/12/30/eddie-kingston-speaks-about-his-aew-theme-being-inspired-by-dmx-mjf-being-protected/

Eddie Kingston talks about the idea of sharing the ring with MJF.

Both Eddie Kingston and MJF were featured on the final episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT. MJF had a promo segment and Eddie Kingston teamed with Santana and Ortiz and they fell in defeat to Daniel Garcia and 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker).

Kingston and MJF have exchanged words on social media, in their media interviews and that continued during their respective conversations with Z100’s Josh Martinez. Kingston reacted to a comment made my MJF and said without getting too inside baseball, MJF is protected by AEW. He adds that MJF thinks he can drop WWE puns on TV and then go in the ring and do bad arm drags.

I let him talk all day because again, he’s protected. You know man, I’m not gonna try to get too inside baseball here, but he’s protected by the office. That’s all I’m gonna say. He’s being very much protected by the office, not to be around certain people. I’m one of those certain people. That’s all I’m gonna say.

I get it, I get it because he’s the future of this sport, he really is, you know what I mean? I’ll give him that and if you’re gonna — if you’re gonna put him with someone like me when he’s not ready, when he thinks this is a game where he thinks he can drop WWE puns and you know, be cute about it and go in the ring and do bad arm drags, you know what I mean? I’m not that guy. You know man, I’m gonna hurt you, I’m gonna rough you up a little bit so they’re definitely protecting him and he knows it. I get it, I get though. You gotta protect the future. You got to, you know what I mean?

Eddie was asked for his thoughts about the passing of Earl Simmons, known to the world as DMX. Kingston was a big supporter of DMX’s and shared that his AEW theme is inspired by DMX’s ‘Stop Being Greedy’ single.

Oh, when he passed away? Ah man, I was at the gym coming home from Muay Thai training actually. I saw a bunch of people hit me up because they knew how much of a big fan I was and like, my intro theme for AEW is inspired by ‘Stop Being Greedy’ by him, you know what I mean? They see me wearing DMX hoodies, me wearing the shirt from 125th Street with the iron on of his first album, you know what I mean? Yeah, I rock with him but it was sad man, it was a sad day, you know what I mean? Lived longer than he thought, I’ll tell you that much.

Following Kingston, Ortiz and Santana’s loss on Dynamite, Chris Jericho returned and stopped Garcia and 2point0 from continuing their post-match attack. Kingston then confronted Jericho and said he did not need his help.

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