Eli Drake Situation


Can Anyone update me on the Eli Drake situation?

I know his match was changed at united we stand. I’m seeing he is no longer with impact.

What happened? And where does one think he goes, if anywhere, depending on the situation?



Jordynne Grace post a somewhat salty jab at him on Twitter. Apparently he’s been fired for bad mouthing the company.



From what i’ve Read, it as to do with him talking about how the company was burying him since he resign and the fact he refuse to do a inter gender match at united we stand was pretty much the last straw for the company. The weird thing is that his contract was up next month so they could have just waited that his contract ended instead of releasing him



He didn’t want to wrestle women.

Terrible that an independent contractor couldn’t express an opinion on a public platform.



Dumb move by Impact, probably the best talent they had.



since callis and d’amore join the creative team, they pretty much buried the guy. He was one of the bright spot in the early days of the new regime and should have been a major star for them, instead he got push way down to the lower mid card comedy spot. No wonder he was vocal about his position in the company.

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