Elias details how torn pec injury occurred in 2020, did not have to undergo surgery

Originally published at Elias details how torn pec injury occurred in 2020, did not have to undergo surgery

On the music front, Elias is waiting on the green light from WWE. 

After his stint as the ‘Ezekiel’ persona, Elias returned to WWE programming in October 2022. He was most recently in action on this week’s Monday Night Raw in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match. 

Several years ago, Elias had to be written off television due to a torn pectoral muscle. He returned from the injury in the fall of that year.

Episode #90 of WWE – Die Woche featured Elias and he looked back at that torn pec injury. It occurred while he was bench pressing in the 400 pound range. When he realized he was hurt, the first person he contacted was Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque. Initially, Elias was set to undergo surgery until a doctor informed him that his tendon was still intact. 

You’re actually right on (about how the torn pec happened). I was training, I was in the gym doing bench press no less. I was doing somewhere in the 400 pound range and I had come down and it just — it sounded like a piece of paper (being) ripped in half… Actually, I called Triple H right away. I said, ‘Dude, I think I tore my pec.’ They hooked me up with a doctor, they got me in the x-rays right away and yeah, I had to recover there. A lot of just range of motion stuff and fortunately, the tendon stayed attached so it was literally just a muscle tear and yeah, I had to do a couple months recovery on that… I did not have to have surgery. Thank God. 

It was the same thing (as Cody Rhodes & Triple H’s torn pec injuries). My whole arm and chest turned black and blue and purple and they even told me, ‘Hey, we’re gonna get you in surgery on Monday.’ I had made the plane reservations and everything to fly to Alabama and at the last minute, the doctor called me. He said, ‘Hey, the tendon is actually still attached so we can’t really do surgery. We just need to rehab and let it heal.’ I thought, okay. I’ll do what I gotta do, you know? 

WWE and Elias released an E.P. titled ‘Universal Truth’ that charted on iTunes. Elias stated that he has new music ready to be released but described it as a ‘WWE project’ and it is up to them when the music comes out. 

You know what? Going number one with ‘Universal Truth’ was — that’s like a life moment, an experience. On the charts, on the iTunes charts, going to number one, amazing. It just kind of motivates you to make more music, do more things like that. Now, I’m always working on music. I’m in this little area right now which is kind of my music studio. I have songs ready to be released but it really, it’s kind of like a WWE project so to speak. When they say, hey, we need new Elias music. Let’s do something with it, put (out) another single, I’m ready to go but some of those decisions are out of my hands. I like to steer clear of all that stuff. Got plenty of music ready to perform and show the world. But, we’re just gonna have to see when it’s time to get back in the studio.

Since 2014, Elias has been with WWE. His accolades in the company include winning the now-defunct 24/7 Title on multiple occasions and winning a Slammy Award. 

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