Elimination chamber

Hey John and Wai. I was wondering if you guys are coming down to Montréal for elimination chamber weekend? And if you guys are,will you guys be having a meet and greet? Let me know. And keep up the amazing work.

They’ve previously confirmed they are attending along with Braden and Davie.

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Thank you. What episode did they mention that?

They have mentioned it a few times.

Most recently @johnpollock discussed their plans to go to Montreal with Ariel Helwani in the 2023 MMA Predictions podcast asking if Ariel was planning on going as well because John & Wai are not planning on going to Wrestlemania in LA this year.

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John and I are planning to go, along with Davie and Jesse from the 6. No plans for a meet and greet yet.


Ill keep my ears open if you guys decide to do one. Im hoping you guys do. It would be cool.