Enter POST Wrestling's “Royal Rumble Pool 2020” by Sunday at 3pm ET

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It’s a very interesting pool this year. Knowing Brock comes out first can give you some hints.

Sorry if this has been brought up before however has it been made clear what constitutes a suprise entry for the The Royal Rumble matches

For example, would Shayna Bayzler count as a suprise entrant. I ask this because not only are people think she will show up, she will win the women’s Royal Rumble match.

For me, the whole NXT at Survivor Series has muddied the waters a bit.

It says on the form that it is anyone not on the current roster page. They even gave a link to the page. All current NXT talent is on that page. So NXT appearances do not constitute a surprise. Which makes sense especially for the women, they need to use the NXT talent.

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Am I the only one who gambled and went for edge as the winner ?

Mine were pretty safe (but all probably wrong) picks.
My biggest risk was Brock being eliminated 1st :man_shrugging:t4: (Hopefully by Drew and not Cain Velasquez)

Brock eliminated first is unlikely I think. I went for No Way Jose entering 2nd cause I think it will be a jobber who gets eliminated first.

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First time posting. First time entering the pool. Went fairly safe and predictable with my picks but looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

I went for R-Truth as the 2nd entry for the same reason. I figured they’ll have Brock tear through a couple of jobbers to start with and foolishly gave WWE credit for continuity (of sorts)

Yup, I went the same, I figure Brock goes through some large amount of people really quick one by one.

Why are we picking number 29 and not 30?

Welcome welcome!

I was gunna do the same with Truth but convinced myself Drew will he 2nd and surprise eliminate Brock straight away…

… kinda regretting It now haha

They usually have stories revolving around the 1st and last pick of the rumble. This is to counter that.

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On the surprises, on the female side, I went for Cameron, Layla El (who knows ?) and Eve Torres.

I went with standards - lita/trish/Beth

I was going to go with Dominick as a surprise entrant, completely forgot to write him in. Ah well, I’m sure Brutus Beefcake is a fine substitution…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I was talking with my dad and we both agreed that Dominick would be way more interesting than Cain Velasquez.

I just finished filling out my form at 3:02 EST. Hopefully it still counts. I started it half an hour ago. I wasn’t expecting it to take so long.

Silly me, I put Santino as a surprise in the MEN’s royal rumble.

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Don’t worry, I bet 5 participants to win the Women’s Rumble on a betting site.
4 of my entrants did not even enter the Rumble!!!
1 of them did…and she won! So a week ago I got Charlotte at 12-1
wound up making money.