Fantasy book Wrestlemania

I thought it would be fun for us all to fantasy book the upcoming Wrestlemania. What matches do you wanna see?
Which titles are on the line and who headlines night 1 and 2.

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Roman vs Cody (already booked)

Rollins vs Zane vs Drew

Paul vs Owen’s

Gunther vs gable

Jey vs Jimmy

Becky vs Rhea

Bianca vs Jade

Iyo vs Bailey (already booked)

Judgement day vs DIY

AJ Styles vs Nakamura

LA Knight vs Bobby Lashley

Andrade vs Santos

Pretty Deadly vs Dunne/Bate vs the creeds vs New Day vs Dom/JD vs whatever team I can’t remember……winner get a title shot at next PLE.

Kabuki Warriors vs various tag teams I guess.

I’m gonna go Night 1:

Braun vs Reed vs Ivor they like a big man match

Let’s add a mens NXT battle royal for a Smackdown contract

Bianca Belair vs Jade Cargill

Jimmy vs Jey in a ladder match for the IC belt

Judgement Day vs DIY vs British Strong Style tag belts

Ricochet vs Gable vs Paul US title

Barley vs Iyo title

Rollins vs Gunther title

Night 2:

R-Truth vs Jd mC vs Dom - only 1 can’t stay in the JD

Womans NXT battle royal to win a Raw contract

Liv Morgan vs Bazler num 1 contender

DIY vs New Day vs imperial in a TLC match

McIntyre vs Zayn vs LA Night vs Aj Styles vs nakamura for the number 1 contender shot at Backlash

Miz vs Orton in a career on the line match

Rhea vs Becky woman’s title

Rhodes vs Roman vs Rock

Let me guess, this one ends in a double DQ? :rofl:

That would be the dream scenario wouldn’t it :crossed_fingers: I would probably have to support Miz to be honest