Fantasy Premier League

Over on the upNXT Facebook group, Mike Hogan has set up an FPL league (The upNXT Kona Reeves Cup) for anyone interested in getting involved, so I thought I’d put the link to the site to join

Use the code uga5si to join the league once you’ve made your team


Leicester City making the upset again this season! haha

I think their awful form after the restart is going to carry over to the start of this one, Rogers has a job on his hands

Debating whether to have one this year… FPL often ruins my enjoyment of football (mainly 'cos i’m so crap at it)

Nice one, I’ve joined. Can never have too many leagues to be bottom in. I tend to get quite into it, then quickly lose interest and forget to submit any changes.



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I have joined. I have never entered a fantasy league before. I dont really understand how everything works.

I would’ve joined but usually what always happens is that I forget/lose interest after a few weeks. It’s a chore to keep up. When it comes to international tournaments it’s more enjoyable as it takes place in a one month bubble.