FEEBDACK: WWE Raw 9/6/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Wrestling fans are not complicated people, generally speaking: after three hours that felt very overthought and relied on a healthy dose of piped in chants, the visual of Lashley and Omos squaring off was enough to make the live crowd lose its collective mind. I didn’t hate the tag team turmoil stuff because it was at least trying different tactics but I hope that the powers behind the scenes could see that sometimes easy stuff is the strongest.

Not sure if it was just me, but a lot of the promos tonight seemed cringe, even by Raw standards. However, while watching what I thought was the worst segment, I had a sort of revelation: Miro and Karrion Kross are the same basic character with similar in-ring styles, and the difference in the way they come off is 100% down to the booking/ writing of the companies they work for. That crystallized a lot of the differences between WWE and AEW for me.

Honestly, is there one angle on Raw that makes you want to continue watching?