FEEDBACK: 8/30/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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For once, I am going to remember this week’s Raw. I’m not sure WWE would be happy why, but the image of Charlotte vs Nia seemingly developing into a legitimate brawl. (If it wasn’t a brawl, it was a spectacularly awful match.)

Funny thing is that there was some very good wrestling on the show: the 3-way in particular was really enjoyable from three of the hardest working men in the company. The main event was good and for the length of time it lasted, Shayna and Rhea had a good match.

But when something goes as spectacularly off the rails as the Charlotte and Nia match, it’s pretty much guaranteed that’s what’s going to stand out. It seems like this is the next program for Charlotte but I hope that someone has the sense to switch things up. It’s not like we’re counting on them to make good on a teased story or match.