On Friday’s Rewind-A-Wai, we will be reviewing AAA’s When Worlds Collide, one of the best pay-per-view events of its era.

We will be joined by Espresso Executive Producer @holzhammer as well as Lucha expert Rob Bihari (@RobViper) to discuss the legacy of the show.

AAA’s When Worlds Collide
Sunday, November 6th, 1994
L.A. Sports Arena

Mascarita Sagrada and Octagóncito vs Espectrito and Jerrito Estrada

Fuerza Guerrera, Madonna’s Boyfriend, and Psicosis vs Rey Mysterio, Jr., Heavy Metal, and Latin Lover

Six-Man Tag team match
The Pegasus Kid, 2 Cold Scorpio, and Tito Santana vs Jerry Estrada, La Parka, and Blue Panther

Two out of three falls Mask vs. Hair match
Octagón and El Hijo del Santo vs La Pareja del Terror (Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero)

Steel cage match
Perro Aguayo vs Konnan

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Brandon frm Da New Jerzey

My dearest Prog Rockers

Fellas it’s me, been a minute how are you? Interesting side convo we had at the bar care to share it with the rest of the gallery Wai? Anywhoo what a selection this was and whoever picked it is indebted to me forever. This was one of the first shows I’ve ever seen on the black box and got me into lucha. It was also one of the first shows that got me into the homicidal genocidal maniac Pegasus kid and Eddie Gurerro. It is without being said or said that they were on their way to being legends. Shows like this are what legends are made of thanks


-John you made a joke the other night pertaining to The Ascension being sent down to nxt just call it the wasteland

-with Becky absolutely daggering Jericho on social media is there a chance she could headline the bruise cruise next year before the next blood and oil Saudi show/evolution ppv? Did she “make the list”

-was this the lowest rated fs1 ufc show Eva?

-if Enzo dressed up as max moon or a villano do you think WWE would have given him a pass

-Wai why

-John can you ustream your viewing of Tito/Chuck with Bohn and Breen. A bridge too far eh.

I never really got into lucha libre wrestling myself, I think it may have just been the flow of it but watching this show highlighted something else that bugs me and that is that there are a lot more rules involved in it that I feel can over complicate things. I think Tenay & Cruise did a fantastic job explaining as they went but even they were confused at times. Things like either having to pin a captain or the other 2 members to win the fall, or in the hair vs. mask match the fact you had to beat both members of the team to win a fall.
Having said all that, I still really enjoyed this show and the final 2 matches were very good. I may be bias as I adore Eddie Guerrero and watching this has me interested in seeing more Art Barr. I was never bored during this show and it did fly by. I think Tenay & Cruise did a great job calling it and it amazes me that they were already calling Benoit one of the best in the world and this was 94. Overall a very good show and I definitely enjoyed watching it.