FEEDBACK: AEW All Out 2020

What did you think of AEW All Out?

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Bruce from Vancouver,

There was a lot to like about the components of this show, but the sequencing and pacing of it, not to mention the looming cloud of Hardy’s injury, just didn’t put things in the best light. Starting with a frankly insulting cinematic match was a bad move, and while the women’s title match was fantastic it was difficult to focus on while everyone was worried about Hardy. I’m still enjoying the slow and subtle shifts in the ongoing FTR/Omega/Page drama, whereas I think the Mimosa match proved that Cassidy and Jericho have been suffering from diminishing returns since the debate. Got a kick out of the finish of the main event: it keeps Mox established as a savvy badass who can out-manoeuvre heels. Lastly, it’s sure to be forgotten by most, but Silver deserves kudos for bringing his working boots to the Buy In match.

Super disappointed with how AEW handled the Matt Hardy situation tonight. It’s all well and good having Kip Sabian making a cute Twitch jibe but they should get off their high horse if they’re going to let their wrestlers finish matches when they’re clearly injured. They really made Tony Schiavone look like an idiot on commentary, and made their medical team look incompetent and negligent as a result.

It really soured me on the actual wrestling, which is a shame. Regardless, the show felt really flat and was way too long, so even when the action was solid like in the Women’s title match I just couldn’t get into it. There wasn’t any big angles either, the show is newsworthy for all the wrong reasons.

Fingers crossed Matt is okay. Payback kicked the crap out of All Out


Worst AEW PPV so far. Sydal botching that Shooting Star Press hardly looks that bad in hindsight.

The match in the dentist office was something that AEW booked themselves into because they expected Baker to be back in time for this show.

Hardy vs. Guevara. Where do I start. I even had people message me asking if this was all a work because the match was allowed to go on. What a mess. Aubrey Edwards did her job but this is on Doctor Samson and Tony Khan for letting it go on.

FTR got exposed tonight big time. Their Southern tag style needs a full crowd to make noise. I didn’t think they looked that good either from a technical standpoint though I thought Omega and Page tried.

Shida vs. Thunder Rosa and Moxley vs
MJF were the matches of the night for me. I hope Thunder Rosa comes back soon. However while I loved most of Moxley vs. MJF, I didn’t like the finish with the face basically cheating to win.

Luk from Quebec!

I feel so horrible for Matt Sydal, just the absolute worst moment for a botch like that. I think the commentary tonight was pretty bad, even disregarding the creepy line by JR about Anna Jay, I feel they often drop the ball getting the storytelling across, especially in that segment between Page and Omega at the end. I look forward to a solid singles run from Omega while he is still in his prime, this whole company could be built around him as champion and I hope we get to see it. Can’t say the atmosphere was great tonight, but the crowd is small, the show is long and the arena is hot so can’t really complain. As a side note, why is the AEW Women’s title so laughably small?? That’s something WWE does better in having identical belts for both genders. 6 dental degrees out of 10

Paul from New Jersey

I’ll make this one short. This show was horrible. Liked the women’s match. I was shocked by the quality of the show. Payback ended at 9:30 PM. Hilights were Penelope & Kip’s sign as well as an anabsolute phenomenal job by Siino, B & MJ on the watch along. Happy birthday BRAYD.

I enjoyed a lot of the show tonight, and certainly feel like I got my $50 worth. I bought this PPV for one match, the tag title match, and while it didn’t live up to the hype, I’m not sure how it could have. Still a very strong match with 4 awesome wrestlers.

The in Buy-In tag match, the Bucks match and the women’s match were also very good to great. In particular I thought Lunchasauras had a great night when usually I feel like he’s moving in slow motion.

That said, I can’t help but feel like this show will be remembered for the negatives rather than the positives. The Baker/Swole match was embarrassing, and a really weird choice for the opener. The Battle Royale was fine, but very predictable and never got to that “next level”. And of course, Sammy and Hardy had no business finishing that match.

Overall I feel like I got my money’s worth, but I doubt this is a show that I’ll ever want to rewatch. 7 Shooting Star Presses out of 10

-Stevie from Toronto

The first two matches on this card almost had me regretting spending the 54.99 Canadian to purchase this on FITE. It did get much better thankfully! The Thunder Rosa and Shida match was one of the best matches I have watched since omega and Okada. I really hope they are able to work a deal with Billy, and bring Rosa into AEW full time. Also was I the only person who thought that J.R. was taking a lot of shots at Matt Cardona throughout the 8 man match? I really expected more from this match and the nightmare family was somewhat disappointing in their storytelling, however the Dark orders performances were all great. I am truly a fan of this team. FTR showed why they are the best tag team in the world, and I am very excited for all the matchups we will get to see challenging the champs for what I see as a very long reign. I really appreciated Jericho giving the name Bubbly-Boarding to the actions they took on Orange the week before. The mimosa mayhem match was okay but didn’t live up to to the anticipation and had a tough spot in the card to go on. Main even had a good finish, but I am starting to tire of the Moxley brawling matches. 7/10 PPV

Noah from Vaughan

Of course the Matt Hardy stuff was very unfortunate. And like you always say John, I’d rather them stop the match in that situation. Matt hardy’s run in AEW has definitely been a shame to see all the misfortune that’s happened to him. Besides that, I thought everyone on the show worked their absolute hardest, but I think the atmosphere really hurt the show. The 80 percent humidity and 34 degrees weather seemed to kill the crowd and tired out the wrestlers. I did really enjoy most of the matches and thought the main event was better the 3rd best ppv main event they’ve had behind the stampede and the unsanctioned match from last full gear, Both mox and MJF were fantastic. 7.75/10 show

Main event really saved this show… Mox and MJF deserve all the praise that will be heaped upon them

The lack of atmosphere really took away from my enjoyment. weird to say, but had this been in the thunderdome it could have been great.

I don’t want to shit on a show that had 3-4 good matches but in between the injuries and lack of atmosphere, I was really taken out of it



Nothing close to being great and everything was soured by seeing Matt Hardy taking a bump he shouldn’t and lying there obviously unconscious for far too long with Aubrey throwing up an “X” and being left to deal with it on her own because they just weren’t prepared. The match should have been called off and never restarted. That was disgusting and completely ruined the women’s title match that I was so pumped up for before the show started.

Everything was way too long too. No need for matches of that length, at all. Every single match would’ve benefited from being 5 minutes shorter.

By the way, for anyone interested, it looks like a large library of single issues of Black Panther comics have all been made available for free on the ComiXology app in the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s passing. Thought that might be something some people here might be interested in.

Ben from Vancouver

I’m a huge AEW fan but this was definitely their worst ppv ever by far.

Opening with Baker/Swole was a bad decision and that battle royal was a complete mess.

Hardy and Guevara was a total disaster. Did Hardy not want to listen to Aubrey? That was embarrassing, the match should have been stopped. Bush league crap

FTR/Omega+Hangman was extremely disappointing. I have no idea how we’re supposed to feel after Omega left in car. And the match was wayyyyyy too long.

Rosa/Shida and Jericho/OC were both good and the main event was great but the show overall was incredibly disappointing.

AEW has to put together better shows if they want to charge $50.


Sean from Toronto

Solid show but I fear that all anyone will remember is the PR nightmare surrounding Matt Hardy’s injury. With reports of him going to the hospital and angry tweets by Reby, you have to feel bad for poor Tony Schiavone who had to relay updates (twice) that AEW was not ignoring a concussion,

That said, the match should have ended with the stoppage, storyline be damned.

This was my first non-NJPW show in months. So to preface this, I have absolutely no clue what the hell is going on.

  • The Swole/Britt match was bad
  • The Bucks/Jurassic Express match was decent but felt like filler.
  • The Battle Royal was boring. Not even sure what Jake the Snake was trying to do with Kingston.
  • Broken rules match was unacceptable. Its unacceptable that your company allowed Matt Hardy to continue after a potential concussion. How can you allow Doc Sampson to make a call simply by asking the performer if hes okay when it was obvious he could barely stand up? The spot was terribly unnecessary and unacceptable.
  • Shida/Rosa was super fun to watch.
  • 8 Man Tag was so boring I had to check my pulse a few times to make sure I was alive.
  • Page&Omega/FTR was my MOTN. Was really fun and felt like what a tag match should feel like. Interested to see where Kenny and Page so from here.
  • I’m not even going to comment on the Bubbly whatever match. I have no idea why that was even a thing but that sucked. Jericho looks like he ate all of catering.
  • I personally HATE Moxley so I didnt even watch the match.


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I always thought Jericho seemed quite modest so his comments about making Cassidy a main event level star are either a complete work or he is delusional and/or arrogant beyond belief. The only people who will ever think he is a main event star were the diehard AEW fans who were already sold on this curtain jerking “comedy” act.