FEEDBACK: AEW All Out 2021

Outside the venue

Just wanted to say the best chant I’ve ever been part of was after the show 10k strong chanting We Love Wrestling.
Said if after Punks return, will say it now.
I unapologetically and proudly LOVE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING


First time posting on the forum. Tonight was the most fun I’ve ever had watching a pay-per-view. I was even thankful for the QT match as I needed the bathroom break. Shout out to Wai, John and others in the post crew like Nate for keeping me connected to wrestling through podcasts during the time I had given up WWE and did not yet have AEW to fall in love with. For the first time, I’m actually encouraging lapsed wrestling fans I know to start watching again. This pay-per-view may not have been perfect but, man, I’d feel greedy asking for anything more than we got tonight. YES! YES! YES! YES!


All Out pulled off an astounding hat trick with three debuts. Ruby Soho winning the battle royale and the massive one-two punch of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson at the end of the night. It feels like the playing field has changed and the electric atmosphere was evident of that. Bucks vs Lucha Bros was match of the night, by far. Punk, despite some ring rust, looked good in his first match in 7 years.

A stellar night of pro wrestling.


I flew from Texas to be here in Chicago all week. Went to Dynamite, Rampage, Fan Fest, and All Out. I knew this company wouldn’t let me down and it was worth every penny. Long live Tony Khan!

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Andrew from Saint John

Wild to think that a year after a minor disaster in All Out 2020 that we are here, with the company standing as the hottest brand going. And really, this show was still standout without the debuts, with crowds deeply invested in Miro and Kingston, the Britt Baker finish and Lucha Bros vs. The Young Bucks. But so many memorable moments were established here with the Punks, Coles, Suzukis, Danielsons and more. At first I was worried we were seeing UFC era CM Punk, but once he got his rhythm he had that fluidity in transition that helps set him apart. Thrilled to see so many of my favourites in one place. 10 KAZE NI NARES out of ten.

Aaron from Brandon MB

3 big signings with Bryan, Ruby and Adam

Do you see them releasing anyone because this roster is feeling abit overstuffed with talent.

Thanks for all you do each week


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Reports are saying that it will still in St. Louis, but it will be a week later as the original date has a scheduled UFC event taking place.

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Best ppv ever. I was there live and can’t even begin to explain the feeling in the room. Wrestling is back bay bay

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No way this is getting read, but, Chris from Melbourne.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better PPV. Amazing.

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Probably too late from this but woke up and started watching this in the UK. I’m largely a WWE watcher trying to transition to AEW. But 2 matches in and I’m fed up of people getting punched in the face and either laughing or just not reacting at all. I’m also fed up of chest slaps.


I think you need to give it more time.

Initially I was also somewhat disappointed in AEW. I felt it was too silly with too much dumb comedy like baby oil spots and Orange Cassidy and aliens. I wanted something more sports like and serious.

It’s only a two year old company and they have made some great changes. They learn from mistakes. They deliver what their audience works. If the odd match isn’t to your fancy just skip it. They do way more right than wrong and they listen and adapt.

Now it doesn’t bother me at all. They have even made OC into a tolerable character. They have so many fresh matches and angles and they do a great job building people up.

I really think you just need to give it more time. It will grow on you


One of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen in my life

I think you’re right and I’m definitely going to give it a go. I did enjoy the rest of the event but certainly for those first two matches I felt like some of the criticism that indie wrestling gets was warranted. I do need people to sell to get invested and when I see someone take three punches to the head and not react and respond with a chest slap, I zone out. If someone punches me in the head, I’ll either be knocked out or want to punch them back and not see if I can make their chest a bit sore. Certainly didn’t feel that way for the rest of the show and enjoyed it.

Absolutely there is work that AEW can do but I think they are heading in the right direction. And hey the booking can’t be any worse than the WWE, right?

Here’s the Danielson post-angle promo for those who missed it… he’s really right, you’ve got to give a lot of credit to the people who jumped ship from WWE a couple years back and took a chance on a fledgling startup wrestling company. Ballsy gamble that has certainly paid off.

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Great promo! I do have to say, it’s refreshing to see someone jump who’s first promo isn’t the cliche of “WWE misused me, I should be a star” etc. Not that this isn’t true for some, but we’ve heard this so many times.

He jumped simply because he wants to have great wrestling matches, makes sense. Granted, I can’t see him speaking poorly of WWE when his father in law in charge of talent relations lol.