FEEDBACK: AEW All Out 2021

What did you think of AEW All Out?

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Hey guys,

Won’t be able to call in but just had three points:

  1. This was the most satisfying AEW to date by a sizeable margin. Nothing overstayed its welcome, and each big match delivered. Hell, this might be the best North American PPV I’ve seen in 20-odd years. “God, I love pro wrestling.” Tony Schiavone spoke for us all.

  2. I’m not going to let anyone forget that I predicted the Suzuki appearance for a long while.

  3. Most importantly, this was the first wrestling show I was able to watch with friends in nearly two years and that makes me more happy than I can say.


Brandon from Oshawa

What a fucking show. 10/10. Can’t believe we got the big return of The Butcher. We’ve all been waiting for this moment.


I am so glad I ordered this. Absolutely incredible matches. I lost my mind when Suzuki’s music hit.the tag match was one of the best ever.

Finally we see not only Adam Cole but also Bryan Danielson debut in one night. On top of that great matches with Jericho, Omega, and CM Punk being back.

What more can you ask for as a fan. Crowd was unreal.

Just what I needed before starting a week of ICU tomorrow.


I haven’t been the biggest wrestling fan for a while as I exclusively watched WWE until AEW debuted and I can honestly say that AEW has made me fall in love with pro wrestling again!


As close to a perfect show that I think I can remember.
Feels like the most satisfying top to bottom card since… I don’t even know… Mania X7? Definitely belongs in the conversation with that, Canadian Stampede, and several other perfect shows.

This roster is absolutely stacked, and full of stars. And so far - AEW has proven they know how to manage a deep roster.

What a show. I’ve said it many times before - AEW reminds me of being a fan in 1997. It’s really something special going on right now.


Erin from Brampton

I loved this show more than any other AEW PPV. Punk still looks great, and Adam Cole just made the Elite a lot more interesting. Also, what a tag title match!

My only beef with the show was QT vs Big Show. I call BS (no pun intended) on some calling it a purposeful bathroom break. It’s not like they didn’t run 5+ min of Dynamite promos afterwards. Otherwise, this PPV surpassed all of my expectations.

Ben from Vancouver

This was the greatest show I’ve ever seen. All the matches delivered and the surprises were like nothing we’ve ever seen. EVER.

AEW is real and this is the turning point for the promotion. An all-time show from top to bottom.

Match of the night for me was Bucks vs Lucha Bros but Darby/Punk was right there behind it. Cole and Danielson are now all elite and I cannot believe how much this show delivered.

What do you see as Danielson’s first program?


Brian from New Jersey.

Wow. Just wow. Even before that main event, an old/new Elite friend, and that jazzy remix of Ride of the Valkyries hit, this to me was the best major show of the year so far. Sometime in the past week, Tony Khan said this was the best card he has put together. I just took it as promoter hyperbole, but maybe I should listen a little more.

My only complaints, maybe not related to this show directly, are that I don’t expect to see Punk in the ring as regularly as Christian, and I wish Moxley vs. Suzuki was held off until Full Gear, so that we could get Suzuki on Dynamite and Rampage for 2+ months. Oh well, I guess I can settle for Mr. Danielson, and Adam Cole, and new tag team champs the Lucha Bros, and so on and so forth.

J from Windsor

I missed the first hour, I started watching at the cage match which I absolutely loved! Those four went all out and I really couldn’t have asked for anything more then what they gave. Jericho/MJF was good, Darby/Punk started off a bit clunky but by the end I thought they completely turned it around and had a great match. Big Show vs QT was filler, was what it was. Main event was good, felt a little flat after what we had already seen, but the debuts of Cole and Danielson more then made up for that.

Overall I loved the show 8/10.

Do you guys think they should have saved Cole for another show? Or do you think it was important to end this show with a double bang by having both Danielson & Cole debut?

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Alexander from Portland (attended live (Sept 5 is my birthday))

I honestly think this will be the best wrestling show I’ll ever see. Every match delivered, all promos were great, the crowd was hot for everything, and there were still ice cream bars. CM Punk’s appearance got me teary, something I feel WWE has absolutely lost the ability to. 10/10 show

Paul from Barrie.

Unbelievable show. I’ve been watching wrestling since 1985, and this is right up there with the finest shows I have ever seen. WWE made it just impossible to keep watching a number of years ago, so I am thankful to have this company producing a product with the satisfaction of their fans as a key priority. Even with Wight/Q.T., I’d consider this a perfect show.

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Noah from Vaughan Via Chicago

Was there live for this show. Hands down the greatest show I’ve ever seen. Every match fucking ruled and being live for Punks entrance was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever seen. Fucking incredible, crowd was insane all night. Bryan gave a kick ass speech after the show, in his words “LETS FUCKING GO”!!!



Dustin from St. Louis

Bought my first AEW PPV tonight and it did not disappoint. Amazing wrestling and great surprises, everything I could’ve asked for. 10/10

On a side note. Full Gear was planned for St. Louis. Do you know if thats still the case with the date change?

Justyn from Atlanta

Quite possibly the best PPV I have ever seen. Terrific matches. Great surprises. Red hot crowd. Can not say a single bad thing about it. 10 out of 10.

Fairus from Malaysia

All Out was the first PPV that I legitimately bought since TNA Genesis 2006 and it delivered. Easily the best PPV of the year. CM Punk looked like he never left, Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks was the best steel cage and tag team match that I have ever seen, and the debuts (Ruby, Cole, Danielson) were truly well done. Excalibur said it best that AEW is the home of professional wrestling. 10/10


Now all of the stories about Fox, NBC and shareholder frustrations with WWE letting top talent slip away into AEW will pour out even more.

The McMahon/Pritchard production teams will keep making unwatchable schlock.

AEW steadily increases its viewership and revenues.

The only issue I have with anything AEW is doing right now, are how white and male centric their shows are becoming. I’m hopeful Ruby SoHo’s signing leads to more than one women’s storyline across three hours of AEW programming. And eventually we get women’s tag titles.

I loved this show though, best PPV since Wrestlemania 17, (also the last one I paid to watch).

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I can’t help but root for Ruby Soho, Penta, Suzuki, and Danielson. They showed honest and genuine emotion tonight. To be validated by the crowd as top stars must be liberating.

Punk looked gassed. Darby was a good opponent to bring energy to the match. And I loved that Penta brought his crying little girl to the ring to show that daddy was ok.

After 20 years away, I didn’t think I would come back. I love pro wrestling and was happy to give AEW $50 tonight.


David From Israel here.

This show started at 3am and ended at 7 for me but it was so worth it. This show reminds me of MITB in terms of making me fall in love again with pro wrestling and it’s only fitting that It’s a show that features the in ring return of CM Punk. Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole actively choosing to go with AEW over WWE is probably one of the more important and talked about decisions for years to come

Shout out to Penta for making me tear up when he took the nailshoe super kick in order to protect Fenix

10/10 show. Pro wrestling is so great. Love you John and Wai.

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Also… Cole debuting before Bryan? SWERVE BRO!