FEEDBACK: AEW Big Business 3/13

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Mercedes’ debut was strong and bookending the show with her is a testament to her star power. I almost expected her to jump Willow after the bell but that’s gonna be kept on hold for now because going heel in her hometown would’ve been wise. The six-man was good and Joe/Wardlow was a solid match.

AEW is gaining steam again.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Pretty good debut from Mercedes. It was good to have a massive star in the women’s division, and hopefully, this will help put more focus on them. Even though the show was about Mercedes, someone who stood out to me was Will Ospreay. Will has been known as the best wrestler in the world, but I liked how he’s starting to develop into a great American-style babyface. He has his catchphrases, his catchy song that people sing and great passion when he speaks. I do notice his eyes shift a lot but I think he’s getting used to cutting this style of promo. He’s not polished, but I prefer that over a wooden delivery that can come with a scripted promo.

The show was great, but the low point was the LionHook/Gates of Agony match. Jericho is in desperate need of a refresh, and I don’t think pulling Hook into the Jerichoverse is going to help matters. Also, I’m not a fan of them splitting the Continental Title up. I guess they need something for the ROH show. Other than that, excellent show tonight.

Robbie from London,

Great show, was always a big fan of Mercedes so was pumped to see her debut and her star power just towers over everyone else. Part of me was hoping Brit Baker would return to oppose Mone, but a great segment, and a fun bookending, I also expected her to attack Willow at the end, my fiance even thought Mone was being TOO nice, so it has to be coming right?

Here’s hoping I get all these incoming stars in London at Collision in a couple weeks

Steve Grows Weed

First hour was awesome! Great debut. Did they mention what CEO stands for in her case?
Not sure about the rest of the show cuz the Love is Blind reunion was tonight at 9pm!! Had to see what was going on with Jeramey and Sarah Ann. Not to mention Clays inability to commit.
By now, John is over me talking Love is Blind.
Happy 40th btw!!
Thanks for all you guys do :joy:

Cody From Maine, in Bo$$ton

Ten days after my trek to Greensboro I made the drive down to Boston. I hope it sounded as loud on tv as it did live for Mercedes debut. Fantastic reaction and a great theme change with the unbelievably chantable CEO. As strong of a debut as you could’ve asked for with the entire show being built around her.

Enjoyed the show overall, with two of the new additions in Ospreay and Okada being standouts. They really flexed the depth of the roster in that first hour. And while I wish Darby would get some rest, we know that isn’t happening.

No more live wrestling for me for a while. Although with the expanded PPV schedule, I hope to be back in the Garden later this year for another event.

Jay from Colorado

Mercedes Monet said something to the effect of “I began my career at Chaotic Wrestling, that’s where I started my journey to become the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. If I can do it, so can you.”

As a 46 year old man how can I become the greatest women’s wrestler of all time?


Outstanding wrestling show. I’m not sure if there’s any such thing as a 10/10 episode but Big Business would have come close if Jericho wasn’t on.

Yo! Did you hear about what Clay’s ex has been saying? Man’s a messy, MESSY dude!

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I believe it. He’s a busy man. No time for dishes lol

That Ospreay promo was awesome. So many AEW guys get the mic and just talk and talk and talk (about nothing most of the time). Ospreay was fired the fuck up. Would love to see him paired up with MJF when he’s healthy.

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