FEEDBACK: AEW Blood & Guts 2022

What did you think of Blood & Guts?

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Noah from Vaughan

Guys, that was freaking insane. And that ending was just perfect as it sets up Eddie to go after Claudio for stealing his moment. Huge props to all involved in making both Anarchy in the arena and now blood and guts into spectacles that will be remembered for years to come.

Tenese from GA

Dynamite had a slower pace this week, and for a good reason. Orange Cassidy’s new theme has to grow on me, but a good opener. Jade has all the tools to be a star. Whenever she drops the belt, send her to Stardom and let Fuka do some fine-tuning. Christain was great as he was last week. It was a little silly but effective. TK must have been listening to Kane’s theme planning Luchasaurus’ heel turn. I know FTR is hot, but it would have been cool having MCMG being Danhausen’s partners; I know wishful thinking. Blood and Guts were messy in the best possible way; I loved everything about this. With all the plunder, the scariest thing for me was the giant swing on top of the cage. Durag king Daniel Garcia is a real one, and Satana looks like he messed his knee up; I hope it’s not severe. From Forbidden Door and what I just saw, my excitement keeps increasing for when I go on July 20th.

Take care, good people.

Anthony from Detroit

I work at little Caesar’s arena and I was at the show tonight. I’ve been here for Raw, Smackdown, Live Events and UFC and I’ve never seen a crowd like this. 100-200 deep in line to get in 30 minutes before the doors opened. Not many kids, we even had a bachelorette party! The fans enjoyed the show, reminded me of an ECW crowd. I don’t watch wrestling anymore and I follow the product thru you guys. I get bored at WWE events and I wasn’t bored tonight. TK teased bringing a ppv and I Detroit. Can’t wait to hear your review of the show tomorrow morning. Cheers!

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Brian in New Jersey

Hot show to follow a PPV in front of what looked and sounded like a hot crowd. While Anarchy in the Arena had more excitement to me, I still got a lot of entertainment out of the semi-controlled chaos of Blood & Guts. As silly as the mattress as a timekeeper’s table looked, Sammy’s dive came off better than Jericho’s in last year’s match. Bummed about Santana’s fluke injury.

Didn’t anticipate hearing Orange Cassidy come out to Jane again. I really liked the finish to his match with Ethan Page. I also liked Luchasaurus’ evil-lution alongside Christian Cage. Heels find a way.

Robbie from London, Ontario.

Awesome show tonight, incredible crowd, exciting show, loved it top to bottom. New Luchasaurus along with CC, OC new theme with a fun match, Blood and Guts and best of all……Yoshi Hashi on Rampage lol seriously though I’m excited for that match! 10/10

Trying to top last year’s B&G and Anarchy in the Arena just a month ago was hard enough but these insane bastards were more than up to the task and they bled buckets while they were at it. The finish is far better than last year’s as it sets up Eddie Kingston having a new axe to grind because a man he deeply resents in Claudio Castagnoli showed him up yet again. A MOTY-worthy match.

Jay from Colorado

In the middle of the show right now, and just want to chime in real quick to say how incredible this crowd is. Also Orange Cassidy’s new theme is perfect. Any idea why they changed it?