FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 1/27

Collision Course will be airing on Sunday this week but you can give us your feedback on the show tonight! What did you think of the cage match, the return of Serena, STP vs BCC, everything else… SPEAK YOUR MIND.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So tonight I tried to watch both the Rumble and Collision at tue same time, but it was hard as the Women’s Rumble was on during the majority of Collision. It seemed decently booked, but it also went back to its issues of being AEW Superstars. After the Women’s Rumble, it was easier to pay attention as I completely ignored the WWE Title match as the outcome with pretty obvious. I made the better choice as boring trended during that match and I got to see the excellent cage match.

They did an excellent job smashing Daniel Garcia over and I really like how they’re using Collision to get people like him over. It’s a slow build of people on the show and I wonder if they stay on Saturday after the new TV deals come up.

Chris from Nevada

So I decided to watch the Rumble first, and Collision right after. I think it came off better that way as Collision was a palate cleanser in comparison to how disappointing the Rumble came off. I enjoyed the flow Collision had from match one until the end. Orange Cassidy vs. Roderick Strong will be good but am I the only one who feels the Undisputed Kingdom is just spinning their wheels until Adam Cole is cleared and then it’ll hopefully hit up, or will it be too late? Bryan Danielson vs. Yuji Nagata was fun, I feel they’re building Kingston vs. Danielson at Revolution, how would you book that? Speaking of booking where would you go with Serena Deeb and does she go after Toni or Julia for seeking gold? The cage match was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the suspense and building Daniel Garcia into a bigger star. Question, do you feel this is the end of the feud against House of Black? What would you do next with Garcia, I really feel a TNT title run would be great. Also leaving the attack as just assuming it’s HOB and not actually showing who it is, is it possible they do a whodunnit with that or just close it and we go with it was House of Black? Well anyway hope Cino enjoyed Tampa and looking forward to where everything goes from here.

Another solid Collision entirely made up of good to great in-ring. The Garcia push is firing on all cylinders, and the main event was an example of heavy booking and stips actually working. FTR and HOB can keep feuding ‘til Wembley as far as I’m concerned. While I’ve long since tapped out on Timeless Toni, it’s good to see that Mariah won’t have any character-heavy silliness impeding her actual matches, and Lady Frost showed that there’s a lot more to the ROH women’s division than just Athena. Oh right, and Bryan Danielson had a brutal but cerebral game of chess with Yuji Freakin’ Nagata.

Maybe a question better suited to episode 52 rather than 32 of Collision, but would you agree that Collision seems to be maintaining a more stripped-down, no nonsense approach than Dynamite even after Punk’s departure? Are there any other new(ish) distinctions between the shows you folks have been detecting?

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Good thread throughout last night’s Collision to set the pieces for a very good main event cage match. I’m very glad that Julia Hart was also incorporated into the match towards its crescendo. I was wondering why we hadn’t seen her wrestle this week. The mist spraying will suffice for now!
Another great showing for Mariah May against Lady Frost. Great to see once again a Mariah May match getting both competitors over with a physical display that lives up to branding of Elite.
Yugi Nagata vs. Bryan Danielson was solid and especially leveled up with the great crowd reception and knowledgeable commentary by Eddie Kingston and Kevin Kelly. Good stuff!
I stick by my guns that Collision feels like the A show for AEW and I hope that people go back and watch!
Question: Takeshita feels like he’s in a lull as he feels inconsistently booked and last being put on Rampage. The Alpha gimmick isn’t really being touted as strongly as it should. Would you guys suggest that Takeshita, and I suppose the entire Callis Family be exclusive for Collision as it could provide another heel faction to get over strong just like House of Black is but in a more consistent, weekly basis?
Maybe pit them against the BangBang Scissor Gang?
Thanks for all your coverage!