FEEDBACK: AEW collision 11.11.23

Let us know your thoughts on tonight’s recorded Collision.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So quick update from last week. The cat did come around and she’s back to being more affectionate, it just took a little longer. So this might be an unpopular view, but I hope Menard and Parker don’t turn on Daniel Garcia. The story seems to be going in the direction of a turn, but I actually like the idea of Menard and Parker being hard on Garcia because they want him to succeed. They see his slump and while he may have been used by Jericho in the past, they’re not using him. They actually care. I was also excited to hear about the Continental Classic. Apparently, it will be 2 groups of 6, which I’m slightly disappointed in as I was hoping for one large group so you can get more first-time matches. The G1 and Bound for Glory series in 2012 turned me on to this style of tournament and I’m also glad Tony didn’t do the big announcement hype beforehand. This seems like Tony is learning as I considered this a big announcement that didn’t need hype.

The show was fine tonight, but with how cold AEW is, I don’t expect the ratings to be above Rampge’s again this week. The talk of Punk being talked into being under the devil mask won’t happen, but I do think it could be a shot in the arm that the company desperately needs. If not him, hopefully, it’s Adam Cole to continue that story.

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