FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 2/10

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Collision with CMLL vs BCC, the latest developments in the “Cope Open”, Deonna Purazzo and Toni Storm in action and, of course, Orange Cassidy vs Tomohiro Ishii.

Andrew from Cape Breton

It’s good to see the Blackpool Combat Club continuing their Russel Crowe from South Park gimmick of Fightin’ Round the World. The Luchadors though didn’t make the impression Hechicero made, but they also aren’t as technical and aren’t fire-producing wizards. Toni Storm continues to be a highlight of AEW television. She’s a great example of someone who can maintain an over-the-top gimmick, but still be an incredible wrestler. She’s like heel Doink from 1993, where she has this absurd gimmick, but backs it up in the ring well. Lastly, I think AEW should look more into giving special attractions more wins. There is a group of talent that always comes in for big matches, but they don’t win very often. Tomohiro Ishii is a good example of that. I’ve heard Mistico is someone who wants to do jobs as much as Hulk Hogan, but I think AEW does need someone like that, who they can bring in from time to time. Question for Kate. Considering the fun you’ve had tonight with TSN, do you think SportsNet might be a better home for AEW after WWE leaves for Netflix? Finding out Dynamite beat Raw and Smackdown in the demo this past week probably gives them a lot of leverage in the Canadian market now.

Robbie from London, Ont.

First time watching live in a while but came back for a good show. I hope CMLL will get a win over BCC eventually but it’s fun for now, as a TNA guy I’ve enjoyed them giving Deonna former opponents while never mentioning it, gotta assume that working relationship is dead. Great main event though! 8/10 show