FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 2/3

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Collision? Are you excited for the newly hatched partnership with CMLL? How are you liking the new trio of FTGarcia? Who gets their graphic first- Bryan Keith or Queen Aminata? Let us know all your thoughts so we can share them on the show tonight.

Alex from LA

Hey Kate & Siino it’s Alex (realalexblxck from twitter/x). First off I want to thank you both for all your continued work that you do for the Post family. I’m definitely excited about the partnership between AEW & CMLL but I really hope that the wrestling fans start complaining about it like they did when ROH was first integrated into AEW television. I’m digging the FTRGarcia trio though I do wonder what would of happened if it was Mark Briscoe last week and wasn’t he forming a trio with the Hardy’s or did Tony Khan give up on that? If this is Danielson’s last full year as a full-time performer, I’m really digging the match quality he is putting out and I can definitely see him on a Collision Course (no pun intended) with Eddie Kingston by Double or Nothing. Bryan Keith is finally #ALLELITE, now we just need to get Kevin Blackwood in AEW. Mox needs to become a full time AEW commentator when he’s not wrestling. Swerve will be AEW World Champion by the end of the year.

Looks like Tony Khan is back to booking enhancement matches for talent ahead of their matches with Champions. Though I was very fucking happy to see more than one omens match on TV, plus an additional segment.

Loved Swerves promo. AEW needs more good promo segments.

I’m optimistic about this booking for Swerve.

I like these Danielson matches, but without stories beyond Morley getting jumped and weird multi person match ups they need more build.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I’m in tonight because Cape Breton is dealing with a snowpocalypse, as we got 60cm today and will likely get 75cm tomorrow. That’s over 4 feet of snow and more to come on Monday. I’m buried so bad, you can call me Cody Rhodes. The show was good, as usual. I like how they’re continuing with Daniel Garcia’s assent, and now that the ratings are back, it’s becoming important to give people wins, like tonight with Red Velvet. I find the ratings are a good way to organize who are the top contenders and potentially put them in matches down the line. FTR and Garcia may now get a title shot down the line, and Red Velvet isn’t just some loser that Toni Storm is facing on Wednesday. I also liked Queen Aminata getting some shine, and I’d like to see her with the Mogul Embassy. Her look and character remind me of Princess Mia Yim from back in the day with the Embassy in Ring of Honor. I also liked Bryan Danielson and Hechicero. I liked Hechicero’s pre match rituatial with the fire. Overall, it was a great show tonight.

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