FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 3/16

Share your thoughts on the Ottawa debut of AEW Collision featuring Bryan Danielson vs Katsuyori Shibata, which is something I never thought I’d be typing.

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That was awesome.


Andrew from Cape Breton

It definitely felt like this show was thrown together at the last minute, more than their usual fare. It’s not that I was looking forward to the Zak Knight match, but the fact that was announced and then canceled seemed like it was poorly planned out. That, or they thought the match would die a death, so better have Pac kill someone and Archer and Castagnoli face off. Thankfully, when Tony Khan’s creative is lackluster, he leans heavily on the wrestling as a crutch, and it helped him walk pretty good tonight. Everything was pretty good, but I don’t know how I feel about the House of Black loss. It’s one thing to have major stars take upset losses, but the House of Black, particularly Buddy Matthews, aren’t the most protected guys on the roster. Malakai is, sure, but Buddy loses more than he wins. So it felt like a bit of a waste. I don’t see the Infantry doing much in the future. I see them on the level of Action Andretti. They’re ok, but they run into the issue some wrestlers in AEW have, which is being outclassed. They’re not better than The Gates of Agony, Dark Order, Shane Taylor Promotions, The Righteous, 2.0, and others who could have been in their spot. And even those teams struggle for relevance on such a stacked roster. Overall, great show, but I would like to see some more long term planning for Collision, instead of one match announced on TV.

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