FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 3/30/24

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode from London, Ontario, with the ongoing tag team title tournament, the truly unexpected trio of Danielson, Castagnoli, and Shibata, and an even more unexpected challenger in the Cope Open.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Once again, a very good show from AEW. Despite their poor ability to draw, Collision remains one of the best wrestling television shows. Unless you’re in Canada, then it’s one of the best shows to be found through nefarious means. Matt Cardona got a great reaction, and I want to give him the graphic, it is tough with the insane roster they have. A brand split is starting to seem more reasonable, considering the talent they have. Shibata also should probably be put into the Blackpool Combat Club, and maybe could butt heads with Wheeler Yuta when they get back. Next week, AEW should do the most absurd show possible. I’m talking about Bryan Danielson vs Satnum Singh, Mercedes Mone vs Athena, Orange Cassidy vs Minoru Suzuki, hell, throw in Will Ospreay vs Malakai Black. It’s going to die in the ratings, but make it so people have to catch it on replay. Maybe that could be the Wrestlemania weekend tradition if Collision stays on Saturdays.

Jesse from the 6 [in London]

Hey Collision Cool Cats, here are my live observations:

Big Bill is quite big.
The pyro is quite loud.

Shout out Max Castor for his Tegan + Sara shirt.

The crowd was into Adam Copeland (unsurprisingly), Ricky Starks and Big Bill (a bit surprisingly), and Shibata and Danielson.

I liked the O’Riley-Drake match for what it was, but the crowd seemed unenthused.

I don’t know if you could hear the Lady Frost chant, but it got a good deal of support and it was started by Low Down Davie P.

Take Care

Robbie from London,
Live from the show mid Rampage. Really fun show! Great surprise with Cardona that came in here with the match of his life, fun tag tournament matches and as a big Shibata fan it was unreal not only to be seeing him wrestle but to see him in my hometown with a Canadian crowd cheering his name. As for Rampage seeing Black in a singles match was a treat! Low point for me was Lady Frost, didn’t enjoy her in TNA and she hasn’t seemed to get any more compelling for me at least. 9/10 night!

Well, these matches could actually draw if advertised.

I really enjoyed the main event and the big surprise at the beginning with Copeland being challenged by his former Edge Head turned Death Match King. I really hope Ricky Starks is okay. I missed seeing him on TV, and it would suck to lose him so soon after he came back.

Good night of wrestling! I was really happy to see Matt Cardona challenge Adam Copeland tonight! What a well fought and well received match!
I know we’re getting a trios match but I REALLY hope to see Malaki Black and Adam Copeland in a singles match in the near future.
I was really impressed with the Infantry tonight against FTR, I hope this isn’t forgotten and we can see them build some momentum.
I’m going to double down on my Takeshita comments I made on Rewind a Dynamite a few weeks back and continue to put out into the ether the novel concept of having the Alpha consistently booked on either Collision and Dynamite, and not to fall back into Rampage duty, especially after that great match with Swerve. Familiarity and maintaining momentum is paramount to keep people watching. I as a viewer want … wait for it… CONSISTENCY. It doesn’t have to be a hokey brand split to book talent consistently.
Okay, I’m done. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to more Collision Cats- I mean Collision Course!