FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 9/12

Tell us what you thought of this week’s pre-taped Collision from Montreal, featuring Kenny Omega vs Ethan Page and C2 Blue League action.

Andrew from Cape Breton

AEW is the weirdest promotion. It is in a down period, no question. But it has wrestling that is better than anything WWE puts out, and anything any promotion that has been in a down period has put out. I was a massive TNA fan back in the day, but the Hogan era is nothing like what’s going on now. Anyway, I was super happy to see the reaction of Angelo Parker and Matt Menard. I first saw them in Chikara back in 2007, and to see them get a massive hometown reaction was quite the sight. I also think Bryan Danielson loves the angles where he looks like he has a serious injury. The first time I remember seeing that was his 2018 match against Brock Lesnar, where people were feeling uncomfortable with him taking all those suplexes. Granted, sometimes he overdoes it, like at Forbidden Door, where he pretended he had a seizure. Great show, and I might have to start e-mailing TSN to see if I can get Rampage and Collision on TSN. I have cable for two reasons. I can afford it, and I hate having to go through nefarious means because the shows are always so laggy.