FEEDBACK: AEW Collision and Rampage 4/20

Were you high on this week’s show? Let us know your thoughts.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I’m at work now at a work camp, so trying to watch Collision was a struggle tonight, especially since nefarious means doesn’t work very well on Chromecast, so I had to skip Rampage. From what I saw, I thought the show was pretty good with the star power, and the three main matches were really good. Some of the highlights were Nigel McGuinness, who was on one tonight, and the crowd shutting down the CM Punk chants. I’m still more for showing the footage than against it, but this does feel like it could turn the Young Bucks babyfaces. The reaction to Jack Perry was surprising, and I’m not sure if that’s the direction AEW wants to go, but I guess time will tell to see how it works out. I’m also glad to see Leyla Hirsh back. She was always a favourite of mine before she got injured, and I hadn’t seen much ROH recently to see how she was. Overall, good show tonight.

Robbie from London Ontario,
Do i have to talk about AEW? Can I say how much of a blast I had tonight watching TNA? Rebellion was a super fun show, lots of surprises, only thing that could have made it better was a title change in the main event! I’m looking to you guys to see if there’s anything I need to see on Collision? Have a great night!