FEEDBACK: AEW Double or Nothing 2021

What did you think of AEW Double or Nothing 2021?

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Top to bottom, one of the most enjoyable PPVs I can recall.

The atmosphere was perfect.
With the exception of Cody / Ogogo, the crowd was on fire for almost everything.

Loved the fact that at the end of the night it was Sammy looking like a big star. Just like Jungle Boy, MJF, Britt, Orange Cassidy, Darby, and Hangman. These guys will be the stars of the next few years, and this PPV did a lot to ensure they are treated as such.

The Sting tag match was super fun. Perfect use of a legend. Same with Christian. And even Jericho.

On a different note, the Henry appearance is exactly how they should have treated Christian or Wight in the last few months. An unexpected surprise, that not hyped, delivered a perfectly acceptable response from the crowd.

Just a super fun show. Played to the hot crowd, and didn’t overthink the booking. Give the crowd what they want.


johnny from saskatoon

pretty good show over all, the last three matches definitely ramped up the PPV for me. i have actually never watched a sting match before and usually i’m very hesitant to see older wrestlers make a come back but sting looked awesome tonight. something about the stinger splash just looks awesome.

the 3 way was great as well, it did feel like it hit that second wind like NJPW matches do, normally i balk at ref spots but they definitely got me good tonight

lastly the stadium stampede match was just as good as the first one. i liked how wardlow and jake hagar had the feel of the 80s action fight scene. and also that MJF chair bump looked straight out of a jackie chan movie

but sammy getting the big win for the inner circle was a great call. i feel like this PPV overall was definitely to raise the stock of the younger wrestler like jungle boy, darby, and of course sammy.


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Ben from Vancouver

Excellent show overall, with the only down point being whatever the Cody/Ogogo mess was.

Match of the night for me was either Cage/Page or Bucks/Mox+Kingston.

Nothing was bad on the show, I just didn’t understand anything related to the Cody match.

Sting/Darby vs Sky/Page completely over delivered, what a fun match. I also think the world title match blew away all expectations.

Stadium Stampede was a little goofy, and I think Pinnacle has to boot out Spears now and blame him for the loss. Overall entertaining though.

Baker, Guevara and Jungle Boy all had big moments and all three are well on their way to becoming big stars.

9/10 show

Who do you see as the next challenger for Miro and what is next for Lio Rush?

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Josh from Vietnam

Overalll, I’d say there are more good than bad on this show.

The Inner Circle winning was unexpected, but I understand ending the first PPV with crowds back with a feel good moment. The four title matches was all very good, with different structures and the right side won in all. The tag match has Sting looking incredible, Darby is just insane and Page and Sky being utterly despicable. The Battle Royale was mostly fun, and delivered two surprises in Lio Rush and Jungle Boy winning. Hangman looked good opening the show, and Brian Cage finally left Team Taz which makes me wanting a Cage vs. Hobbs showdown. Also, the Buy-In match was great, and showed Serena Deeb as a great asset for AEW women’s division.

The only potential negative for me is Cody totally killed the momentum of Ogogo after no-selling numerous body shots from him.

Solid 8/10

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Man this was such a strong show, the final 3 matches especially. The only weak match was the Cody one and I’m hoping that feud is over. Going into tonight I thought FOR SURE the Pinnacle was winning Stadium Stampede but once the match started it became clear that would be a sour ending for the crowd. I’m really glad they went with the feel good ending instead. I have not been invested in the Pinnacle at all and I’m honestly wondering where they go from here.


Brandon from Oshawa

It is so great to have crowds back. From seeing a full capacity crowd at the Boston Bruins game yesterday, to a full crowd tonight, it just goes to show how much the fans mean to the enjoyment of sports/entertainment.

While I did enjoy last years Stadium Stampede more, this one was great too and I love that they did not use any of the same settings from last years. Every area was different and it definitely felt more like a fight.

Tonights show showcased many future stars and we talk often about the futures in AEW of such guys as Darby, Jungle Boy, MJF, Guevara and others. While AEW is growing, the WWE is and will for many years be the top dog and I’m wondering if you think they will hold an edge in getting some of these performers, once their contracts are due. We see performers who leave WWE talk about what its like there, but these guys all grew up with WWE and I’d assume having dreams of working there. I’d hate to see these guys grow in AEW, only to leave them behind just because its WWE.

Noah from Vaughan

Watched the show tonight with 3 friends that never watch wrestling, and by the end of that triple threat match they were all so sad that Orange Cassidy didn’t win. One of my favourite three way matches I’ve ever seen and one of the best ppvs AEW has ever done. The crowd was electric all night and Sammy getting the pin in the main event was such a huge deal for him. 10/10 show


It’s been a rough couple of days for me and damn did I need a thoroughly entertaining, well-put-together show to raise my spirits a little. And AEW delivered. The only match that didn’t hit for me was Cody vs Ogogo, which was too long and killed the momentum of a rising star. It stood out especially on a night that generally belonged to the rising stars. I get the feeling that the crowd felt the same way because the cheers, when they were audible, were clearly split, and the crowd’s energy just seemed to plummet. Felt a bit sorry for Miro and Archer, who had to restart things. (It didn’t seem like the crowd really got going again until the latter part of Britt vs Shida.)

Although the Pinnacle clearly had momentum going in, as soon as I saw and heard the crowd, I knew that the night was ending with Judas.

Fantastic showing for a lot of people, especially Britt Baker, Jungle Boy, and Sammy Guevara. Also for this newbie named Sting. Who thought he was going to be so good?


Loved it. Wildly entertaining. Sad Shida lost to a cheater and Cody’s match bored me. But, they always do and this time they wrecked Ogogo’s finisher. Otherwise very entertaining.

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The atmosphere made a big difference as Double or Nothing came through and delivered, despite being on the long side

Serena Deeb has carved a nice niche for herself. She was in a zone tonight and she had a very willing dance partner in Riho. Young Bucks and Moxley/Kingston was tremendous, the casino battle royale was a good showcase for Jungle Boy (man, was he over!) and it was nice to see Lio Rush as the mystery entrant. Cody/Ogogo brought things down slightly but the tail end of the show brought it back up with Omega/PAC/Cassidy in an outstanding 3-way dance and I was impressed by how seamless the pre-taped segments of Stadium Stampede 2 bled into the live aspect.

I think it’s almost time to retire cinematic matches.

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