FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/12/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

This was a pretty average of Dynamite which isn’t a bad thing. Not every episode should be big matches and this felt like a nice beginning for new feuds. The tag division felt like the big focus with multiple backstage and post match focus on several teams. From FTR, ReDRagon, Dark Order and the fresh House of Black. Been waiting for week for Brodie King to arrive and he is finally here. I have to give TK credit, to have a show where you can confidently book two young talents that were built primarily in your promotion to main event is commendable. Must make booking easier to know that anyone combination can be a viable main event. I have also noticed more video packages in the TBS era so far, do you think the change of station could have offered an opportunity to change Dynamite’s structure? Also get well soon John.

The theme of loyalty ran rampant throughout tonight’s Dynamite. The Cole/reDRagon/Bucks tension got cranked up, Wardlow/MJF is getting increasingly strained because of the former’s growing independence and the inner circle is caught in the middle of two Type-As in Jericho and Kingston.

  • Brody King made a strong debut and it was the most noteworthy thing coming out of this show

  • Deeb/Shida was more of an angle than a match.I think a lights out match needs to be the outcome

  • Punk did his best to get Wardlow over and that tease of Wardlow turning on MJF was so sweet. Is it me or does Punk having to jump through hoops to get to Friedman almost similar to the Labors of Jericho last year?

Jay from Colorado

As JR said at one point in the broadcast “this show has something for everyone”. As usual I was completely entertained from the beginning of the show to the end. While not every segment landed completely, I can appreciate them trying new things without shoving them down our throats. Stories are progressed thoughtfully, characters are built in a meaningful way, and I’m given a reason to watch next Friday and next week. TK knows how to hook an audience, no pun intended. I can’t say how much I appreciate a wrestling product that doesn’t waste my time or my intelligence.

Quick question, when the eventual Bucks vs Undisputed Era feud takes place, do you see that as that catalyst for Kenny Omegas return to feud with Adam Cole?

Brian from New Jersey.

I thought the matches overall were fine, but what really got me excited was the build for the future. The eventual collision between the Young Bucks and reDRagon with Adam Cole stuck in the middle, or is he? Wardlow about to go nuclear in the middle of the MJF-Punk feud. Brody King joining Malakai Black. Lance Archer back as an unexpected new challenger for Adam Page. I’m liking the Jericho-Kingston turmoil more than I thought.

Staying in the present, I thought it was very cool to see Dr. Baker join her bay-bay in the ring and mix it up with his crew. I wish Shida and Deeb had a more complete match, but I thought Deeb was fantastic in her actions. I thought the main event was strong outside of the clunky GTH.

It looks like MJF is doing the “5 Labours of CM Punk” without saying the words. Should MJF make some calls to Mike Jackson and Mickey Gall, as well as check in on Dark Order’s BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana? I thought MJF was going to announce Colt tonight. Should Cabana and Punk main event Chicago in February?

On Archer
What a great person to have on a roster who you can always reset as a monster heel for a babyface champion to conquer. This is a great example of utilizing talent to their strengths and how protecting them can maximize value of a roster spot. He’s lost 3 or 4 title matches in AEW I believe but he’s still a great opponent to feed a champion. Testament to performer and boomer. Excited to see him back.

Was attendance for the show bad? The crowd lighting was unusually dark this episode.

Having the Wardlow and Hobbs match’s back to back was a bad idea as the scenarios were similar. Where’s Lio Rush? Him and Dante had that great tag match and then he just disappeared, at least they found Jay Lethal.

Brody King is an awesome big man hopefully he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. with PAC and Archer coming back and a ton of free agents out there, I hope they can find time for everyone.

Rampage this week looks completely missable, but hopefully they surprise us.

Adam cole needs to lift some weights… 6 feet 200 lbs billed my ass. Great in ring, good on the mic, but does look/presentation not matter? People compare him to Shawn Michaels but Michaels was taller and way more jacked/ripped. Cole is skinny fat with T. rex arms.
Love your guys work!