FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite: 1/26/22 "Beach Break"

What did you think of AEW Dynamite: Beach Break?

Steve from Cambridge
Ladder match was slow and boring. The cutter was awesome though.
My wife can’t take a woman that names herself after cake seriously.
She laughs whenever they say Red Velvet.
Is there a back story to the name I’m not aware of?
That last commercial came a little late. Otherwise it was a fun match with a couple slow spots.
Didn’t know the guy under the ring so it didn’t land with me. Cool for the people that did though.
It was nice to see Orange Cassidy get a big win. Feels like he’s been losing a lot of matches.

Glenn here.

I watched tonight’s Dynamite the way I always do: with my fiancée in the room, who is reading a book and hates this shit. This is a highlight recap of her responses to the show.

  • Why is the referee pushing guys off the ladder?
  • Uggghhh it’s that douche with the scarf again
  • Is she really a practicing Dentist?
  • Ooooh that Baker Mayfield joke was MEAN
  • Why are we listening to The Pixies?

Love you guys

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Really enjoyed the show overall. That ladder match was spectacular and I like the narrative that Sammy had to go to a different level (literally and metaphorically) to finally get a win over Cody. Some decent story advancement with the Inner Circle breaking down and with Wardlow appearing to become more and more disenchanted with MJF. (I liked how giving him a match beforehand showed how hard he normally hits the power bomb compared to the weaker version he gave Punk.)

I thought the main event took a few minutes to get going but really picked up after the big debut. I unashamedly love that Danhausen and I feel like he can occupy a similar role to the one Orange Cassidy has- comedic but capable.

The one bummer was that Excalibur twice ran down what was coming up in the show in the first half hour and didn’t mention the women’s match either time. In the “road to” video they did as a teaser for the show, they also previewed every match except the women’s one. I truly don’t understand why progress is so slow in this regard.

Nevertheless, it was very enjoyable.

This was a really great show, bookended by two PPV quality matches.
The opening ladder match was stupendous. After having watched The WRLD on GCW this weekend, it really makes you appreciate how dangerous these matches can be. I thought Cody and Sammy both really brought the innovation and violence. They performed several high difficulty sequences with awesome precision.

It’s interesting to see where the Inner Circle drama is heading. Will Sammy Guevara and Jake Hagar try to intervene and save the group from breaking apart?

MJF is golden as an antagonist. The best heels in wrestling are very flawed but can’t see that for themselves. MJF grew up envious of CM Punk and feels shunned that his hero didn’t recognize him as an equal. The crowd was frothing at the mouth to see Batista… er… I mean Wardlow, knock MJF’s block off. HHH vs Batista joke aside, this outstanding feud is reaching it’s Pinnacle. Can’t wait for next week.

Red Velvet and Layla Hirsch had a solid match, in an unenviable point in the show where the crowd hit a dip. JR doesn’t seem too invested in the women’s “B” storylines, and it showed during this match. This three way feud has largely taken place on Dark/Elevation, which I doubt he watches.

I loved Anthony Bowens’ dis line “Jon Moxley I’m going to beat your ‘Al Bundy’ lookin ass”.

Final thoughts, that Main Event with Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy was, “straight fire” as the kids say! OC really mangled his hand and the visual damage really added to the intensity of the match. Those two have tremendous chemistry and beat the crap out of each other. I didn’t envy their task of having to follow the opening ladder match, but BayBay, that Lights Out match was Freshly Special.
Brandon from Kentucky

An entertaining show that pushed things forward. The opening ladder match was tremendous. Sammy Guevara was in Spanish God mode. The leapfrog cutter off the ladder was just unreal and he got a career-making win over the divisive Cody Rhodes.

I felt a little deflated when Wardlow didn’t turn on the pinnacle. Being in his hometown of Cleveland during MJF and Punk’s war of words felt like the right place and right time.

The lights out match bookended Beach Break effectively. OC can only lose so much so it was the right move to see him beat Adam Cole. That Danhausen cameo was amusing.

Yes! Our first on air appearance from the Very Nice, Very Evil DANHAUSEN! Loved that cameo.

Thank you to all that beat the drum that women DESERVE a spot on every show. Your efforts are why we got to suffer through that dreadful womens match tonight.

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2 years and you saved up to post this? It was hardly dreadful. Nothing great, but they’ve had way worse matches you could have popped back in to complain about.