FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/27/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Noah from Vaughan

Really great episode tonight. Why WWE never used Arn Anderson as an on screen character the past 20 years is a travesty, he was fantastic in that segment, and red velvet stood out too, shes been great on Dark and I’m glad shes getting some spotlight. Jungle boy vs Dax stole the damn show and was one of my favorite dynamite matches yet, everything was so crisp, hard hitting and tremendous grappling. Jungle boy is going to be a main event star in no time. All the other matches were quite entertaining too! Very great show overall nothing I didnt really like 9/10

After a bit of a dip in form last week, this show seemed to do everything right. Dax vs Jungle Boy exceeded my expectations (which were already pretty high) and I think it’ll feature on some “best of 2021” lists as a best television match. Great showing from Red Velvet in her first promo. I’ve liked her in-ring work since she showed up on Dark but I think tonight she showed that she’s ready to join the “main roster”. 9 Tarzan Boy chants out of 10.

Tony Khan licensing Tarzan Boy will go down as one of the best purchases he’s ever made. Jungle Boy felt like the complete package tonight, from his entrance through his amazing match with a technically gifted wrestler like Dax. Also loved Matt Hardy getting involved with Hangman, it makes Adam feel important plus it’s easy to empathize with the lone wolf who finds it hard to ask for help.

Felt like some of the details of the Inner Circle match were a bit rushed, & the Darby/Sting promo had some serious RETRIBUTION vibes, but I’m excited to see where both stories go nonetheless. Way more skeptical about Cody & Shaq, but we’ll cross that bridge in March it seems. The main event was strong as well (love John Silver as the explosive cannonball) but hopefully the inner conflict in the Bullet Club gets resolved soon, as the Bucks aren’t great in these kinds of scenarios. Overall a solid week: hoodlums are gonna hoodlum I suppose.

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