FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/5/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite’s debut on TBS?

Between the title match and the Punk/MJF segment I don’t think TBS could have asked for a hotter start to AEW’s tenure with the channel. I think I slightly preferred the first Page/Danielson match but there’s no question that Page’s stock has been massively raised by this feud. While a bit rough around the edges, the Ruby/Jade match showed some further improvement on the latter’s part, and Jade was always the logical choice for the TBS belt. That said, Martinez/Rosa might be the match on the horizon I’m most excited about, women or men.

On a less positive note, Saturday’s card still seems to be getting short shrift, with more or less equal focus being placed on Rampage as on Battle Of The Belts. If these quarterly specials are meant to be modeled after Clash Of Champions, I’m not sure that the two matches announced thus far feel hot enough to live up to that legacy. Has there been any word as to whether the scheduling of the show was at the network’s behest rather than AEW’s?

Obviously, best wishes to Fenix, that break looked brutal.

Ari from montreal

Crazy how two big title matches can be so different.
World title match was great, with all the spots and blood making sense, whereas the tag match was a mess. The ref is basically useless yelling 20 times one person in the ring…and an unecessary table spot with a pretty sloppy ending. Jungle Boy winning a title should have been a big moment…but did not seem like it.
Aew does great things then really bizard thing.
After all the crap weve given over the years to wwe and bray’s “powers”…are we to simply ignore it for AEW malakai’s and praise it? I hope not…

what up guys. I hope Fenix is alright but that looked like a nasty break, cringe the second I heard his scream. Aside from that what a show. AEW doing a DQ that actually plays into a story with Punk costing MJF a match to try and work his way into a singles match. Love it but don’t do a DQ for at least a year. But lets get to the match of the night and a high bar for the rest of the year. Bryan said he came to AEW to wrestle and the man has strung together a fantastic run of matches. Blood is not rare in AEW but when used right it adds to a match like the greatest of seasoning. While Omega might have been the best story driven opponent for Page but i think Danielson will be known as Page’s best opponent. The main event minus the injury was fantastic, but it made for an argument with my friend and JR. The ref’s 10 count for the illegal man seems to be ignored for AEW tag matches, how much weight needs to be put on this count if the crowd doesn’t mind it and is into the match? And should AEW just adopt Lucha tag rules where if the legal man leaves the ring the partner can enter immediately and become the legal man without a tag cue.

Andrew from Cape Breton

When Shawn Dean won his match via DQ, I’m surprised Tony Khan didn’t brag about it on twitter. Tonight was definitely a great night for the company. The World Title match was excellent and definitely a great way to solidify Page as a top guy. There are no real negative comments on the show. The Wardlow squash was good, Black and Pillman was good, the TBS Title is on a strong, undefeated performer and the tag match was excellent despite the horrific injury. I think one negative is AEW sometimes will do unnecessary spots, and that table spot where Fenix got hurt was really unnecessary and it will likely cost Fenix a lot of time due to his injury.

The title match was an awesome bloody brawl that I liked more than their first match. The thing I hated about this and the TBS title match later was that they don’t give the title celebrations time to breathe. Soon as Hangman won they were promoting the rest of the show, and there’s an awesome picture of Jade celebrating with her daughter on the ramp that we didn’t see on tv.

Jericho right after MJF/Punk was a bad idea, but man did Santana looked jacked tonight, I thought he had ate Ortiz for a second.

I was Jim Ross grumpy during the tag match, just too many instances of guys just coming in and out of the ring with no tags or repercussions. I thought Fenix arm got impaled by a piece of wood at first, but whatever happened looked nasty, between this and mma last year I’ve seen enough arm breaks to last a lifetime.

Brian from New Jersey.

That looked terrible for Fenix. I hope he has a smooth road to recovery. Really tempered the feel-good ending of a fun main event.

Loved Page vs. Danielson. These two have developed a really strong chemistry, and this win put Page over really strong. Best thing on the show. The TBS Title Match showed the big gap in talent between both women, but I’m glad Ruby isn’t getting lost in the shuffle. More good stuff from Punk and MJF. Big stage for 2point0.

  • As the adage goes in another combat sport: “Never leave it in the hands of the judges”. Page/Danielson put on yet another barnburner title match. I haven seen this much blood in a Bryan Danielson match since that match vs Nigel McGuinness way back in the day.

  • The MJF/Punk feud weaved in Wardlow expertly and I bet his breaking point is coming sooner instead of later

  • Jade vs Ruby was what it needed to be. Jade’s still got a long way to go as a complete performer but she’s a great choice to be TBS Champion.

  • Seeing Rey Fenix’s arm injury does overshadow the main event (Get well soon, Fenix). That said, It was a very good match with Jurassic Express coming out on top.

You can’t ask for a better start on TBS.

Ben from Vancouver

The show started off about as good as you could hope for and I enjoyed the MJF/Punk interaction but the rest of the show wasn’t great.

I think tonight proved that Jade isn’t ready. That match wasn’t good, she cannot sell and is just too slow. I also think Ruby proved she is good, not great. She couldn’t carry Jade to a decent match, something Thunder Rosa did.

The Jericho segment was also extremely lame and unnecessary. The only thing I wanted to see was him and Kingston going to war verbally and we didn’t get that.

The main event was a mess and way too sloppy. I like both teams but they were off tonight and there was too much silly stuff. And why did the lights go out? I hope Fenix is ok and it’s time to move the Luchas to singles.

Pillman is another guy who shouldn’t be on Dynamite in singles matches. He just hasn’t improved much. Another guy who can’t seem to keep up.