FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/16/19

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

“A loss is as bad as a draw, because in a tournament only winners can advance.” I think this might be my new favorite commentary team. Riho and Britt Baker put on an incredibly entertaining match. Glad to see there was no interference as I was expecting some. I also very much enjoy Jungle boy and Marco Stubt. Had the chance to see Stunt live right before he was signed, great to see how far he has come in such a short period of time. Full disclosure, the WWE draft broke me. All I wanted to see tonight was a solid Wrestling show that made some sort of sense and I got more than that. Another very entertaining week for AEW. Also, don’t let anybody ever tell you that you’re being too negative. You’re simply commenting on what they give you. RAW recap was so spot on I listened to it twice. Stay golden.


Man, what an excellent show. The High point for me Jericho v. Darby Allin. As much as I wanted Darby to win and knew he wouldnt, it was good to see Jerico give him a real rub. The low point and not even that low was Britt Baker v. Riho. It started a little slow for me but really picked up during the last parts. I even bit on Baker winning and didnt see that reversal coming. Excellent show overall, I’d say even better than week 2.

Hey John and Wai, it’s been a minute.

Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite night of the week. I know this is show number 3 but that was their best so far. Every segment had something I enjoyed. Scorpio Sky wrestling in his street gear cause it’s a single elimination tournament, the Cody feature, that amazing tag match to start the second hour and Jericho almost losing to a man with his hands taped behind his back. I fuckin loved this show guys.


Fairus from Malaysia

3 episodes in and I am all in with AEW. The show breezed by due to good to great matches with definitive finishes so far. The only thing that bugs me is the inconsistent officiating of these matches that even confuses the commentary team sometimes. Hopefully AEW sees this as a problem that need to be fixed fast. 9/10

Noah from Vaughan

Those two hours just flew by, and the tag tournament continues to impress with 2 just terrific matches. Nothing on this show went too long and that cody promo package was just excellent. 9/10 show for me. So excited for Moxley vs Pac next week, however I was seeing a lot of negativity on twitter (shocking) regarding the lack of dqs countouts etc.Do you think this leads to aew responding by tightening the rules, or because most fans have enjoyed these 3 shows, will they keep the loose rules in place?

Tyler from Orlando,

Thought the opening segment was great, I liked the little details like Sky wrestling in jeans & also putting on tape last minute, these things matter to some people! I don’t see the hype around Britt Baker, I think she’s fine but not the one to lead the women’s division. Lastly, I think Jericho bringing out the Painmaker persona should be like when Balor uses the Demon kinda, however his wrestling style should change when he does so, Allin is a future world champ for them, 7/10.

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The little things. Scorpio having to fight in his jeans and one shoe after hastily taping his wrists because he wasn’t expecting to wrestle. Cima running out to check on Christopher Daniels. Riho refusing to open her mouth and catching Baker off guard. An argument between teammates with one of them walking out that actually makes sense.

This is what I ask for, cognizant story telling.

I am confused by all the rope breaks in a street fight. But besides that the two hours again flew by. Dynamite has been terrific so far. 8/10 show this week.

Hi Guys it is Brad the Dad from Halifax.

I hate to compare what we just saw with Raw and SmackDown; because It is like comparing apples to a rotting bag of oranges. There were three spectacular tag matches, A squash match and amazing main event. The show was well-timed and well paced. The highlight for me was the promos and video packages, they were so different from what we see in WWE it makes this product feel fresh.

Question, do you think we will get them all packages like this each week and then being unique from WWE ? Also is this rating on this show the highest rated in the history of also is this rating on this show the highest rated in the history of books Post?

John from Montana,

At the end of each Dynamite I am left counting down the days until next Wednesday, which is how it used to be for me for Monday’s back in the 90’s, this was another great show helped by the hot Philly crowd, and some really good matches.
I think the commentary team has finally gelled as all 3 of them seemed to be working off each other seamlessly, and they have done a fantastic job of making Darby Allin into a legit star. It’s great to be a wrestling fan in 2019.
8 bottles of Bubbly for Le Champion out of 10.

Bret from Texas.

Another great episode of Dynamite on top of Dark last night. They continue to do a great job of mixing up the roster and I didn’t even look at a clock until it was 8:15 and JR introduced the tag match as the main event. All the tag matches were my highlight as they all featured innovative spots and were given enough time. Looking forward to D&D next week already.

8 logically drafted wrestlers out of 10.

Kid in the front row dressed as Orange Cassidy - Cool
Private Party’s new shirt - Cool

Show has a nice flow to it, they have set up storylines well with Lucha Bros/SCU, Mox/Omega/PAC.

Commentary seems to be getting into their rhythm now although I find JR is sometimes is on a different page in regards to talent than Excalibur and Tony. Moxley’s promo was good.

Main event was great, I liked this better than Cody and Darby although this had a story to it. Darby’s promo on AEW Youtube saying Jericho needs to be humbled was great. The tv matches on AEW come across so much better and less cookie cutter than WWE tv matches. 8/10

Brandon from Oshawa

I’m really surprised to come on to all of the praise, because I thought this was easily the weakest episode of Dynamite so far. It was still miles away better than anything WWE, but if I’m gonna call out WWE on their shit, than I need to do the same for AEW.

In 2 tag matches tonight, there was a tag when both guys were standing in the ring between the Lucha Bros and a tag when both guys were on the apron in the other tag tournament match. Maybe I’m mistaken and that is allowed, I’ve never seen it though and it looked really sloppy. I did love that Scorpio Sky was not conveniently in his ring gear though. That was a definite win.

Britt Baker is not very good at all. She has no charisma and I thought she was also really sloppy. Riho blew her away and I’m glad she retained the title, because it almost looked like they were going to flip it.

Moxley/PAC vs Omega/Hangman was great, as was the main event, even though rope breaks in a street fight make no sense. That is another dumb WWE move.

The kid dressed as Cassidy in the front row was living the gimmick. He did not react once all night.

I was genuinely bummed to not see Luchasaurus in front of a hot Philly crowd.

Darby Allin having Champ written in his body paint was a nice touch.

Eddy from Kentucky,

First time, long time. Gotta say I think AEW has been on point all three weeks. They know how to get over wrestlers that the other promotion would pay just to lock away in a basement. Every match has been paced wonderfully and the storytelling has been superb. Do you think the Inner Circle and The Elite will be the only factions in AEW moving forward or can we expect more to pop up like NJPW?

Danny from Sunny San Diego,

Loved the show. Have been watching main roster WWE for years and this is such a breath of fresh air. Not to sound like an echo chamber in here or anything but yea…WWE is just stale. This show had its issues with timing between the performers but overall, everything just makes sense. I’m all for it.