FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/16/21

Leave your feedback here for Rewind-A-Dynamite. John and I will be recording the show on Sunday evening so look for it on the free feed at some point late evening of Monday morning (no live feed for this one).

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?
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I am sure everybody else will cover the full content of this episode, but I just want to say that Dynamite is, and this is no shocker, a great wrestling television program to watch. Everything. Matters. AEW has pulled me back in as a weekly viewer – which isn’t even ideal as an Australian with timezones and whatnot. Balancing former WWE megastars with the wrestling industry’s best talent that haven’t had true mainstream exposure, as well as buidling up the next generation of stars, all in 2 hours? It is truly the best program in every respect.

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Noah from Vaughan

Awesome episode from tonight. I thought the Inner circle/Top team segment was fantastic and this feud has continued to just heat up more and more. Hangmans promo was exceptional and summed up his 3 year journey perfectly, all the matches were lots of fun, especially the 6 man tag, but the highlight of the night for me was during the entire MJF promo, Tony Schiavone yelling Overtop of him was just the greatest. Nothing gets past Tony, he knew it was MJF that attacked Darby.

9/10 show

Robbie from London, Ontario.
What a promo from Adam Page! I for one, am completely ready for him to take his spot at the top of this company. As for the rest of the show? Black and Dante put on a fun match. Regardless of hoping to see a Luchador team show up, FTR vs Lucha bros was still great. Another great trios match, and I absolutely loved that main event. 9/10

Brian from New Jersey.

Another really fun episode with lots of exciting matches. The more weeks go by, the more those notes on Tony Khan’s notepad become a reality, but I’m all for it. I’m not getting tired any time soon of getting so much of THIS Bryan Danielson, between his classic with Suzuki last night and his EVOLVE 4 rematch with Bobby Fish tonight. I thought Hangman’s big promo was shaky, but he got his message across. I also enjoyed Punk on commentary, including that nod to his past with Serena Deeb. Sadly, the women largely remain an afterthought, so hopefully the TBS Title and tournament will rectify that.

I heard two references to ROH tonight. I joked about it a couple months ago, but what are the chances of those two companies working together?

Did we just watch Hangman become one of the best promos in the biz? He got people in the South to cheer him taking paternity leave. But really, him not sounding like Mr Confident but working his way up to it really resonates.

When half your commentary team is too OLD to get an Anthrax reference, not too YOUNG, maybe you should think about getting some more people under 40 on the call. Either way, Punk remains a treat on commentary, and the more he does it, the more excited I am about whoever is in the ring.

It’s inarguable: the Bucks are the best team wrestlers in the world, and have been for almost a decade. Has any Bucks match where they’re not paired with the excess weight of Bullet Club not gotten wildly over in the past, like, seven years?

Lastly, just wanted to shout out the G1 coverage, and thank you Wai for noting how fucking boring these Okada main events are. If anyone is bored by the lifelessness of WWE and NJPW, the TJPW and Knockouts shows from last week are great top-to-bottom watches that have more emotional resonance than anything I’ve seen out of those aforementioned companies in a while.

Final question: is “Masha Slamovich” the best name in wrestling currently?

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  • Hangman Page’s mission statement was exactly what it needed to be. The promo was heartfelt and cathartic. It’ll be poetic when he wins the world title at the PPV named after a rib on him.

  • Dante Martin/Malakai Black gave a lot to Dante and he looked very good in defeat. That little nod of respect from Malakai was great. It’s plain to see that Dante Martin vs Lio Rush is coming down the pike.

  • Superkliq vs Dark Order was an effective mix of comedy with high quality work from both teams. The socko spot made me laugh.

  • Moxley running through Yuta could be a step towards a possible heel turn.

  • MJF abandoning Wardlow to Sting has to lead to a split.

  • Danielson vs Fish was a technical chess match. Good selling from both men and the constant targeting of the knee was effective.

Jason From VA

Excellent show that built things up nicely for Full Gear and beyond. The opener was great and shows there may be four newer pillars of AEW. Dante Martin, Lee Johnson, Lee Moriarty and Daniel Garcia are all being slowly groomed for future big spots and that rules. I’m slightly worried that Jungle Boy might stagnate because of his inability to promo. I could see him getting passed by if he doesn’t improve that aspect of his game.

The women’s match on this show was no good. I’m not sure why Penelope Ford and The Bunny get so much TV time with a roster this deep. 9/10.


Thanks for the heads up!

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