FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/18/23

Live tonight at 10:05 p.m. ET

Jordan from the Bronx

  • a fun show overall with great wrestling throughout. I was starting to grow tired of the Neck Strong skits and the Wardlow squashes, but by the end of the show there seems to be some forward movement with both. Roddy Strong to help MJF? Where does Wardlow factor in? Also, MJF closing in on Kenny’s reign, will Kenny try to challenge MJF within the next two weeks?

  • Powerhouse Hobbs did all of that to Chris Jericho last week because he was snubbed as a kid at a random Nitro? I appreciate them trying to connect that very thin thread, but they could’ve just had Hobbs want to take Jericho’s spot instead of it being Syndrome from The Incredibles.

  • I was at Full Gear 2022, and Sting brawled into the crowd, two rows behind me. Sting has been one of the most fun acts in AEW. It’ll be difficult to see him go, but I’m very happy for him to be able to leave on his own accord. Revolution 2024 should be a hot ticket.

The slomos of the kingdom “oh-faces” during the sandwich making.

Also, I think the Devil four-some that beat on Jay White is Roddy Strong, the Kingdom, and a returning Kyle O’Reilly.

Adam Copeland and Christian’s program is great <3

I enjoyed this Dynamite overall but I didn’t really care about the main event. I think the issue was placement for me. It would’ve been fine to actually open the show with this and have the Sting announcement and Wayne segment to end the show. But satisfied with great matches with White/Pentagon & Fletcher/Omega. And Toni’s silent films are a guilty pleasure for me now.

Unrelated question about one Phil Brooks: with all the backstage issues and reputation in his AEW run, do you think it will now be difficult for Punk to have the number of votes to get into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame because of those factors. Didn’t Shawn Michaels face that similar dilemma where it took many years for him to get voted into the HOF because of his past personal behavior?


So, AR Fox does not exist?

It seemed like the reason for Nick Wayne to turn on Darby was because of how quick Darby was to forgive AR Fox after said Fox did beating his (Wayne) ass with a picture of his late father and leaving him a bloody mess only for Fox and Swerve to ask him to unlock his phone to call Darby.

But seriously, where is AR Fox and when did he become an AR Ghost in AEW?