FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/4

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Jesse from Cincinnati! Seems the Edge AEW arrival may have pass its “first test” but Edge’s “big test” come Tuesday when the AEW & NXT thing happens i still think why TK should have been the one buying WWE so AEW can have “everyone in the wrestling world” but do you even think we see the day we see WWE & AEW on the same networks that is TBS & TNT?!? p.s. stop the fan tribalism that Jade Cargill “betrayed” AEW & Edge “betrayed” WWE it is the wrestling business!

Robbie from London Ontario

Hadn’t watched live in a few weeks but what a great show to be back for and what a final segment! Never was a big WWE guy but Edge and Christian was an exception and although I knew Christian would say no, part of me was just hoping to be surprised! Amazing work by all, but although I assume we will get to the team, do you guys think they will go through a feud first? Do we need to wait for a Christian face turn? Part of me would love to see it with Adam as a face and Cage still heel as a team.

Great work as always guys, loving the audio news updates!

This was a really messy Dynamite… multiple audio problems, having to replay a segment twice is really bad, I couldn’t hear what was said in some of the backstage segments either. We had maybe the weakest promo I’ve heard from MJF, really disappointing followup to last week’s very strong segment with Jay White. I know people have been very positive about Toni Storm, but the new gimmick is not clicking for me, the overacting is too much. Hoping to see Swerve in the world title picture instead of the TNT title. A very good closing segment with Edge but he is almost 50 so I’m managing my expectations. Wasn’t feeling this week’s show, but hopefully next week will be strong!

Eddie from Austin,

Really enjoyed this episode! Felt like a throwback in a way with a hot Jackson/Lucha Bro match to start and some bodies we haven’t seen in a while (Wardlow, griff, sabian, etc). The mjf/cole vignettes have been largely hit or miss for me. No way I needed to see that treading water skit twice, and was Wardlow shoot storming off at the end because his segment got cut for that crap? I’m generally forgiving of production issues but the audio problems tonight were ridiculous. Was really hoping for a Darby update because holy shit those spots on Sunday looked lethal. Go climb Everest dude, its probably safer than a wrestling match.

Jesse from the 6

How was Tony Schiavone the “voice of [Adam Copeland’s] childhood”? Was there a year-long period after Schiavone joined JCP in 1983 and before the WWF took over the Toronto territory? Even if so, the voice of ten-year-old Copeland’s life was surely Bob Caudle.

I don’t know how Copeland and Reso were watching WCW. I never saw WCW on TV and there certainly weren’t any Bunkhouse Stampede or Battlebowl VHS casettes to rent at the Queen Video near me in the '90s. Maybe I’m just too young or perhaps there was a hot tape-trading scene in Orangeville.

Take Care

Brian in New Jersey.

For people in the U.S. using Fios, Spectrum, and DirecTV, tonight’s Dynamite, and as of now Rampage, Collision, and next week’s Dynamite, are not listed at their scheduled times on the DVR schedule, so be forewarned U.S. viewers with busy schedules.

Pretty decent show. I was hot and cold with it. My favorite parts were the closing segment, TIMELESS Toni Storm, and Rey Fenix vs. Nick Jackson. Oh, and Samoa Joe too! I’m glad they replayed the Cole/Strong segment after the sound was messed up the first time, but it wasn’t any better when I could hear it. Happy to see the hosses return, as before this they’ve been getting under-served in AEW almost as much as the women. I shared in Tazcalibur’s disgust with Callis’ chair shot. It was clear next week is the big focus, especially when they were selling it during the finish of an Acclaimed match. The full post-match promos from WrestleDream are on their YouTube page and are well worth watching.

WCW was shown weekly on TSN, as well as syndicated programs being available. In addition to TBS being available on Canadian cable outlets. I discovered Power Hour on TSN in the early 90’s, for my first exposure to WCW.

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Well Copeland would have turned 18 in 1991.

I’m about 10 years younger then Edge, but I can remember when I was a kid in the late 80’s, early 90’s that if you went to the video store (for me it was Jumbo Video and Applause), they had all kinds of wrestling tapes that you were able to rent. I’m sure its very possible that a video store in Orangeville had some NWA.

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All I am saying is that it’s totally possible that he could watch NWA / WCW in Toronto at that time.

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It was harder to find though especially in the 80s/early 90s.

Eventually it made its way over to TSN with Nitro but during the earlier part it was limited and WWE Superstars was the dominant show.

I’m pretty sure Edge was a Hogan guy and was at WM6.

Personally I had heard of names like Ric Flair and Dusty and Alex Luger at times but never seen them until the came to WWF

You haven’t been to Orangeville have you :joy:

WCW was available in Ontario prior to Nitro on TSN.
Aside from TBS being available for years on premium cable, TSN aired Power Hour on Saturday mornings. In addition to that CHCH and various other networks aired syndicated programming like Worldwide. And then, eventually that lead to a Saturday hour long version of Nitro in about 96.

Note: I’m not arguing that Copeland wasn’t exaggerating the impact TS had on him. I’m just saying it was possible he followed them.

WCW did run some Southern Ontario shows in 1990.

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Easy to watch wCw back then with a cheaters box….not that I knew or anything, not that my Grandpa used one to watch tons of wCw


Seems like quite a few POSTmarks didnt know how to use TVs as children. Bruce Lord should investigate this on his next podcast.