FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/6/21

Ya I guess I should have added, despite my criticisms, still a very good show and I would take the AEW presentation on the whole 100 times out of 100 over WWE. Just gotta work on those camera shots a little bit.

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All these moves where someone is waiting, I dont think it is fair criticism most of the time. Every single company has had hundreds of moments of guys waiting to take a move. For me, it all comes down to the camera work. Its not just the style of AEW. It happens countless times a show on Raw or SD or Impact or MLW too, where a guy is down and his opponent goes to the top and the guy scoots into position or turns around when he’s supposed to be knocked out.

My biggest gripe about this show, was The Pinnacle attack on Darby. I liked the angle, but why the fuck were these guys all wearing masks? What did that have to do with anything? It made no sense in the overall story of it. If they all had their faces painted, ok I can buy that. But then the announcers are all playing like the Pinnacle are going to pretend it wasnt them. It did not come off right at all.

The difference is you can’t win the Royal Rumble instantly by doing that. This match could have ended at any time, which made zero sense to me. It was like mixing Royal Rumble and MITB, but in a bad way

You cant win instantly, but you can give yourself a better shot if you team with a couple people, to take out each person coming in. What kind of idiot would want to battle through 29 other wrestlers by themselves, when they can give themselves an easier opportunity?

For me the rules of the ladder match were less of an issue than the actual execution. It just seemed like a lot of one on one with everyone else laying around. It just seemed that after Archer hit a lot of the match had most guys out of the ring, only to pair up individually one at a time with one other competitor.

I don’t get the complaint about why don’t the first 2 guys collude to finish in 2 minutes, that would only work if one let the other win, and what good reason would there be for that to happen? I can only think of it happening if they made some secret alliance outside of the match, I.e. the finger poke of doom. It actually makes a lot more sense than say the first 2 guys beating each other up in say the elimination chamber. Like why do those guys ever fight it is of no advantage to either of them to do so. They cannot win unless they last to the end so why wear each other out so you can get pinned later? Unless you are going to run through the other guy in seconds not fighting seems like a way better choice, unless one member has teammates in the chamber and you want to eliminate him before they can join forces.

Yes I’m not gonna disagree that this hasn’t been done for a while my friend.

I feel though the way it’s done here especially in the MultiMan matches it’s way too obvious. It’s one thing to have one or two guys dive, but especially the Omega dive at the end there was really no reason Danielson would stand there like a moron and wait for him to jump on him.

Also the whole spot with the box kissing Adam Cole and stuff, it just seems like they don’t take the math seriously. It appears that the goal of the match is not to win the match, but rather to be goofy and entertaining. That doesn’t really fit Dash the goal of every match should be to win.

It’s one thing when the Bucks do this and I usually fast forward their matches, but when you’re involving your world champion and Danielson, two guys that went 30 minutes in anything but a goofy match the week before and essentially what is it a very goofy non-serious match now you have to wonder why that makes any sense.

The concept of the casino time format to a ladder match makes no sense. You could essential end the match with the first two guys by just setting it up and then trying to get the briefcase. Why you would then allow others to enter makes no sense.

Also the entire presentation of that match, where a world title shot is on the line to have a guy throwing sloppy kicks with his hands in his pockets doesn’t do it for me. I’m fine with him in his comedic role doing that shit on the undercard but in a world title situation again it’s just stupid and dumb

When a AEW first started I thought it would be new Japan pro wrestling in North America. I learned after that it was more goofy with some things mixed in that I liked. So I would fast forward most things and watch what I liked.

lately I found more and more things that were great and it was turning more into that sports oriented product. This week was a definite step back. It was just goofy when it didn’t need to be for the most part.


I mean why would the first 2 guys just let the other one win though. Yeah if one can take the other out and win fast it would be one thing, but it makes as much sense as any match with participants entering at intervals. Like wouldn’t the best strategy in the Rumble just be for everyone to wait the whole time until everyone is in the match before you start fighting? We just accept that it isn’t done, but it makes way more sense than eliminating the first 10 guys only to get thrown out.


I must be living in an alternate universe or watching a totally different version of All Elite Wrestling, because I’ve seen even more of the goofy stuff since the Bucks turned heel and joined Kenny and that has been nearly a year almost. It hasnt been anything close to “sports oriented” other than having a win-loss record.

I was referring more to the signing of Punk and Bryan and the recent Jericho program with MJF and Malaki Black and Britt Baker etc. It just seemed less goofy

The Bryan vs Onega match wasn’t silly.

Yes I hate the Bucks so apart from the odd match I know they are goofs and ignore them. However making Omega increasingly silly and Adam Cole as well wasnt what I was hoping for.

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Case in point they completely botched that Melzer driver whatever they call it outside the ring yet the Twitter feed decided to replay it. Because they think it’s funny that it was botched because I guess that’s with their fans want?

Again I totally get that people like the stuff. It’s just I think I’m probably too old for it because to me it’s too goofy. I’m not saying I prefer a WWE because I don’t, but I’m happy with watching UFC and combat sports, and ignoring wrestling for now until it heats up again with stuff I like


Like I said, it’s totally fine to not enjoy something. I think for me, the overall atmosphere of AEW manages to help me look past the blemishes.

I think in a big way, it can be compared to ECW for his reason. There are parts that are not for everybody, or characters who are cult favourites - but in that magic atmosphere of an AEW show, it all clicks for me and many others. Everything about the shows are just so much fun. But again, it’s not for everybody I guess.

How was the Indy Taker botched? The only thing I noticed was that Christians legs were both on one side of the head, instead of one on each. Other than that, it looked fine to me and I wouldn’t call that a botch.

I don’t look at shit on Twitter though, so maybe I missed something,

It was that the guy jumping on to spike (Don remember which Buck) Barely touched Christian. It literally looked like he added no impact to the move. To me it looked like a Tomb stone where the other guy jumped off the top and gave him a smack on the ass. The group powerbomb on Luchasaurus was worse though.

He barely touched him

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I mean, Christian still got tombstoned on the floor. I’d think ignoring the move would have made it look far worse than pretending like they connected with both parts of it.

I’m not saying it should have been ignored, just that it looked like a tombstone with a guy smacking him on the ass. So it came across less devastating, than a regular tomb stone because it was distracting to do the off the top rope spot.

Exactly what I was trying to say. Just doesn’t work for me in this kind of scenario. Too gimmicky and I think it was way too much for the average fan to understand

As I sort of predicted the rating is down. Much lower than last few weeks although baseball is a factor.

I venture to guess that the ratings continue to fall from here going forward until something changes.

While I totally appreciate that this was a popular show for a large part of their existing Fanbase I think some of the more casual fans like myself that would increase the rating in the last few weeks may have been more turned off by of the antics

Couple this with Saturday shows upcoming and it’s a guarantee they will be down

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Ratings are going to get crushed on Saturday nights against college football. That is a big misfortune given they have consistently peaked 1M. The drops to 700-800k or less are going to take a lot of people be surprised. I don’t think there is a bigger rating killer than NCAAF competition during prime-time. Especially in the Demo. I’d be pleasantly surprised to see them crack 750K next week; though a bump on Friday could be in store as people do want their fix of AEW and will get a first crack at it on Friday night instead of Wednesday.

What the move to Saturday does however create, is a big show to return to Wednesdays with in a few weeks and build a giant card, to get the numbers back up to over a million, to ride the wave into Full Gear.

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