FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/9

Leave us your feedback on the second edition of AEW Dynamite from Boston.

Tune in later tonight for Rewind-A-Dynamite.


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Paul from New Jersey

After the creative nightmare that has been WWE, I was definitely checking the show out and it didn’t disappoint. Not a fan of the Young Bucks, but their match with Private Party was excellent. Doesn’t really seem like any of the top guys in this promotion have any problem with putting people over. There is no way else to put it, Chris Jericho is Wrestling Jesus. He explained who his team was, why they are together and put all of them over strong. Spanish God Sammy Guevara had me howling. I wonder if Peyton Royce and Renee young got together to watch Mox/Spears. I’m a big fan of the perfect 10. Do you think he has the potential to hang around in the main event, or do you think he is more of a middle of the show act?

AEW wins this week for me.


Jalen from Pickering,

Strong show overall. I found it pretty silly to do the lights out for Cody, but the crowd went nuts so I guess it’s fine. Him, Moxley, and Jericho own the screen when you’re out there, and feel like they’re a level above the rest.
I really dug the match graphics and logical intersecting of certain storylines.

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Brandon from Oshawa

What a great episode. Even better than last week. A couple minor issues like the awkward switch from the Best Friends interview to Spears entrance. Cody didnt need the lights out treatment. Otherwise, this is what I enjoy about wrestling. Jericho cut one of his best promos in a long time. I love the Inner Circle and the reasoning behind all of the guys in it.

There’s a couple things I’m going to need from them eventually after the first couple months. I dont want to know every match before hand. I’d like some to build naturally throughout the show and I need them to establish some DQ/Count Out rules, because I see people getting away with a lot and not enough counting on the outside.

The end left me wanting more and Darby & MJF looked like big stars. When MJF turns, its going to be incredible. I hope they build it up for a long time.


Really fun show! Jericho promo was just fantastic I thought. I can’t believe how much he really brings to the show, I was worried about him being able to reinvent and do it again in his career, but there he is dropping a fantastic promo and making everyone look amazing.

Great fun matches, and I really enjoyed how the other tag teams were in the crowd watching. It showed a bit of investment and a bit more excitement to the tag teams.

The only criticism I have is JR made some mistakes and occasionally feels a bit awkward still. But he does bring some chemistry so I can’t say it’s distracting from the overall product. And lights out for Cody was a bit too over the top.

Also MJF… man… I hope they drag it out as long as they can for his eventual turn on Cody.

Great show! AEW leaves me feeling excited instead of sleepy.

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Great show tonight and better than week one. Kept a fairly fast pace, with the only slower parts being the middle of the women’s match and the inner circle promo-however I did like it to help establish the group. Hopefully they start feeling more cohesive.
Favorite Dynamite thing: we don’t hear ever single wrestlers theme for run ins and saves!
Worst thing: a few missed shots/angle issues, but that’s being nitpicky.
I skipped Raw this week and will continue to just listen to your recaps, or at least your witty intro banter if Raw gets too awful.

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Noah from Vaughan

What a great show, I thought it topped last week. Absolutely amazing tag match and a star making performance for private party. Great ending with darby standing tall, hes another they’ve done a great job with so far. Also I loved how MJF came out at the end there to save cody. Cant wait for Pittsburgh in 2 weeks driving down from Toronto! 9/10 show

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Eric in Miami,Great show, 9 out of 10 for me.
I really liked during the women’s tag match Xcalibur called a movie a “Vader Bomb” and Tony Schiavone was so taken aback he said “That’s cool that’s cool”

Also enjoyed literally the final second of the show MJF pushing Nick Jackson’s hand away to show he’s still MJF

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I haven’t been this excited after an episode of wrestling in a very long time. the young bucks putting over private party was great. They felt like rising stars and I was at ease knowing that those in charge will remember to continue pushing them.
I haven’t been the biggest fan of Jericho this year because his matches have been pretty meh. Jericho was holy shit amazing on the mic. I am so excited to see these assholes get killed.
The ending angle was actually really good. I thought they were going to ruin it each time someone else came out the back, but everything made me more excited for next week. 9/10

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Hey guys,
Joey from geelong Australia
I want to first say while I listen to you guys all the time I haven’t watched a weekly tv show in full for a very long time. Until the last two weeks watching AEW and last weeks smackdown. Fair to say I don’t think I’ll watch wwe programming for a while longer but I’m hooked by aew simple storytelling and great in ring action.
Less is always more in my opinion and two hours vs 7 hours a week from the wwe I know what is easier to keep on top of.
Thanks for the great work love you guys

Jake from The Windy City

Holy Moly!!! What a fun show tonight. Seriously how great was that ending angle? So many moving parts come together to tell a cohesive story and build for next week and the future. Tremendous finish. Last week was really important and all (and good), but this week was flat out better. Those 2 hours absolutely flew by.

The Bucks putting Private Over, I am so much respect for. THAT is how you build up a fledgling, up and coming, tag team. Just throwing it out there… makes me wonder what WCW could have been if they mixed in the young talent with the established stars.


Prakash from Michigan

I watched NXT and Dynamite concurrently tonight. Though I did like NXT in ring action more than Dynamite, AEW did not have a single boring moment. I was gripped by each segment. I was a little underwhelmed with the women’s match but that was only compared to the other segments.

I was shocked to see the Young Bucks lose but was happy for the Private Party.

I am not in favor of ending with a chaotic gang fight every episode although tonight it was exciting.

Just want to add a little about NXT. I get the feeling that NXT and Dynamite are two different types of shows. Dynamite is definitely more entertaining and NXT is more in-ring performances. That will mean AEW coming out on top every week but I hope NXT does not change itself and try to be more like AEW. I want NXT to retain the indie vibe but knowing WWE, I am half prepared to be disappointed. I hope I am proven wrong.

All in all, a great show tonight from AEW. Awesome star power showcased. And a perfect amalgamation of total entertainment and great wrestling.



My weeks 2 notes

  • Jericho’s need to say “shoot” made me cringe, everything up til that was gold, including killing the We The People chant like a pro.
  • I thought they could have done WAY better explaining why Darby and Havoc were having a #1 contender match: Cody is getting a shot, but Darby and Cody ended in a draw so he lobbied for the match, and Havoc won at All Out against Darby so he was the opponent.
  • that said, zero problem with Cody and Jericho needing to beat guys to get to their main event. I expect if they use this formula they will eventually pull the trigger on changing a main event (patciularly if somebody catches fire, now there is precedent)
  • JR doesn’t sell the product and it’s unfortunate. He’s fine to listen to but he is not exciting as a hype guy and he’s in the role where he has to do that
  • but ending each show with chaos and tons of stars on the screen does sell the product as it’s an exciting old school way to go off the air, the crowd is hyped and it comes across as cool. Also good to get people familiar with all the stars in a closing segment
  • notice a lot of guys haven’t wrestled on TV proper or been used. Janela is one that stands out to me.
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Matt From Quebec
Like Jericho Said :
“It sucks, it’s dead and buried. It was a stupid idea from bad creative and all that’s gone”
This is it for me. The RunTime is Perfect. Matches are overall Excellant.
They seem to be taking time and not Rushing Anything.
I Want PRO WRESTLING, and to me AEW Delivers.
Might Upgrade my Post Membership since i will be saving 9.99 a month from now.
Thank’s guys have a great Night.


Jeremy from the Suite.

I liked this show better than last week’s premiere episode. Jericho’s promo was fantastic. So far at the end of episodes, AEW leaves me wanting more. I haven’t felt that when it’s come to a wrestling show in a very long time.

I was wondering your thoughts on AEW Dark if you watched it. I really enjoyed it as a supplementary show. Joey Janela tweeted that he is facing Kenny Omega in the dark tapings tonight and I can’t wait for that match next Tuesday.

9 Barbed Wire Brooms out of 10


Nick from North Carolina

After being really let down by Hell in the Cell on Sunday, I decided to travel back home to Boston to attend this show live, and it may have been the best decision I’ve made in months.

None of my live WWE experiences even come close to this show tonight. It felt really refreshing to go to a live TV taping and not have to spend a portion of almost every match watching a headlock while commercials played. I’m not sure how it came across on TV but the crowd was buzzing the entire show. It’s 10:30 and a good 95% of the crowd has stuck around to see both post show dark matches. Omega vs Janela in an unsanctioned match is the second dark match, and so far it is absolutely fantastic.

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Neal from Northern Ireland —

Darby Allin emerged as a real star in the making after tonight. What an excellent job they’ve done with him. In WWE, he’d be “Skinny D”.

If I absolutely had to nitpick, I’ll be a bit contrarian and say that Jericho’s promo swung just a little too much from big cheer lines to the diabolical “Dusty was a jerk” stuff. But the way he killed the “we the people” chant stone dead (hopefully forever) was masterful.

FITE note: Once again they took no breaks and the matches went on at full pace without rest holds and with commentary. I consider that well worth the modest price.

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Thought they had an even better outing tonight than last week. Really enjoyed every match, thought the promo was fantastic, and loved the chaos at the end of the ep.

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With plenty of the kinks worked out from the first weeks episode, this next at bat was a near perfect show.

Bookended with two great TV matches, the rest of the show flowed and featured a lot of good stuff.

Logical stories, and limited exposure really make me want to follow the product. And with the fact that between there weekly TV and secondary show (Dark) equalling just three hours total of my week - it feels doable.

It really feels that everything on their shows “matter”. Something WWE TV hasn’t felt like on decades.

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Almost a perfect show. I marked out when Cody came and the MJF tease was amazing. This is the best thing on TV